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Recent Races

8L at JGMX: Polar Express MX (3 riders)
Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing set the new track record at 2:38.617
8L at JGMX: Polar Express MX (3 riders)
Michael Buitendijk set the new track record at 2:44.390
8L at 2021OnTopMxCompound (1 riders)
Michael Buitendijk set the new track record at 0:17.890
10L at 2017 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland (3 riders)
10L at 2017 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland (1 riders)
10L at 2017 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland (3 riders)
10L at 2017 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland (2 riders)
10L at 2017 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland (4 riders)
llynds set the new track record at 0:59.046
10L at 2019 Supercross Rd 14 - Nashville (4 riders)
10L at 2019 Supercross Rd 14 - Nashville (4 riders)
8L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd05: Lakewood (2 riders)
8L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd05: Lakewood (2 riders)
llynds set the new track record at 2:14.921
1L at Benkeboda Enduro 1 (2 riders)
10L at RCMX: LOCALCROSS (4 riders)
llynds set the new track record at 1:44.000
6L at !Tehachapi MX (2 riders)
6L at !Tehachapi MX (4 riders)
6L at !Tehachapi MX (3 riders)
Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing set the new track record at 3:13.125
10L at 2019 rF Gaming National Rd02: Fox Raceway (3 riders)
10L at 2019 rF Gaming GP Rd01: Neuquen (2 riders)
10L at 2019 rF Gaming GP Rd01: Neuquen (4 riders)
Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing set the new track record at 1:46.468

Track Records

!!!KBB Clothing Localcross series - Round One 1:49.523Kieran Evans | DoubleDank
!hi 1:25.179Michael Buitendijk
!Tehachapi MX 3:13.125Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing
((((2014 Rythmvalley MX,Enduro, Extreme Enduro, SX))) 7:18.500Harry White | TMFR
(JS7 Compound 2015):MX 2:19.835Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
(MotoOption TC) Motosport Compound MX 2:29.867Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2012 MotoSport rF National Rd02: Freestone 2:59.546Kieran Evans | Stance
2012 Vurb Classic - Oatfield 1:34.882Tim Walch #944
2013 MX Sim Cup 1:20.234Andreas Bergstrom | Stance/DRT
2014 MXS GP Rd 17: Lierop 2:14.625Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds 1:42.398Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd01: Hangtown 2:24.320Jack Clasen | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd05: Highpoint 2:06.492Lewis Evans | Privateer
2015 Motosport rF National Rd07: Red Bud 2:18.468Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2015 MotoSport rF National Rd08: Millville 2:14.281Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd09: Washougal 2:24.437James Parkin | Amateur BTO Sports
2015 Motosport rF National Rd10: Unadilla 2:10.265Melvin Bylander | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd12: Indiana 2:29.789Emilien Mabru||Skouad Creation
2015 MXGP of Italy : Maggiora 1:35.945Andreas Bergstrom | JPD/MD
2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Quali 0:50.078Frederick Nylund | Adept
2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Race 0:50.015Harry White | Privateer
2015 Supercross Rd 1 - Anaheim 1 1:07.148Alex Eriksson |*** Swedish Match
2015 Supercross Rd 2 - Phoenix 0:59.007Austin Ecklund
2015 Supercross Rd 3 - Anaheim 2 1:10.898Austin Ecklund
2015 Supercross Rd 10 - Daytona 1:01.929Austin Ecklund
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 06 Nowra - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 1:56.960Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2016 Azote Design Compound 2:18.882Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Brazilian Motocross Championship Rd3: Extrema 1:36.515Lewis Lynds | JPD/MD
2016 Brazilian Motocross Championship Rd5: Tres Rios 1:44.585James Parkin | MXVice
2016 ConceptgraffMXS sx training camp #1 1:37.257Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 DARR's Compound-SX 1:15.242Andreas Bergstrom
2016 EMF Retro SX Prep Rd02 - Dallas (2004) 1:01.429Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 EMF Retro SX Prep Rd04 - San Diego (2004) 0:52.953Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 2 - Astoria Arena 1:13.195Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 3 - Colona Civic Center 1:42.148Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 Greef Clothing Australian Supercross Round 1 : Sydney 1:00.789Lewis Lynds | JPD/MD
2016 Loretta Lynn's NineOh3Designs 1:58.156Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Monster Energy Cup 1:07.171Logan Leitzel | TMFR
2016 MXS Italian Championship Rd 10: Namur 2:24.140Harry White | TMFR
2016 MXSON - Maggiora 2:02.007Fabian Goleo | Biomix
2016 rF Gaming National Rd01: Hangtown 2:23.187Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd02: Glen Helen 2:29.359Anton Stenberg
2016 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:21.195Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 rF Gaming National Rd04: High Point 2:07.218Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 rF Gaming National Rd05: Muddy Creek 1:54.406Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 rF Gaming National Rd08: Millville 2:20.578Andreas Bergstrom | NOR | OPEN
2016 rF Gaming National Rd10: Unadilla 2:20.773Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 Supercross Rd 02 - San Diego 0:56.453Brandon Cocroft | Never Summer Industries
2016 Supercross Rd 09 - Daytona 1:29.679Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 Supercross Rd 12 - Santa Clara 0:45.023Austin Ecklund
2016 Supercross Rd 15 - Boston 1:03.179Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Supercross Rd 16 - East Rutherford 0:51.031Lewis Lynds | Looking For A Team
2016 Supercross Rd 17 - Las Vegas 1:10.914Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Supercross Test Track: Barrington Acres V1 1:03.265Luke Heberlein | SplitFire
2016 SX Madness Series - Rd 1 - Vegas 1:25.921Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 SX Madness Series - Rd 2 - Phoenix 1:09.546Andreas Bergstrom | MGX
2016 SX Madness Series - Rd 3 - Daytona 1:34.054Andreas Bergstrom | MGX
2016 World MXSGP Rd01 - Losail 2:13.875Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd02 - Valkenswaard 2:11.500Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd05 - Kegums 1:44.601Andreas Bergstrom | SparkMoto
2016 World MXSGP Rd06 - Teutschenthal 1:37.164Valtteri Tiainen | VPC
2016 World MXSGP Rd09 - Saint Jean d'Angely 2:05.093Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd10 - Matterley Basin 1:49.859Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016.MXSCircuit.Rd1.MX207 2:12.437Andreas Bergstrom | Privateer
2017 Acadia Raceway 1:35.367Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd01 - Losail 1:48.937Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 EMF World MXSGP rd03 - Neuquen 1:50.109Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd06 - Valkenswaard 1:51.429Rasmus Balzer | Cycle Trader Yamaha
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd09 - Ernee 1:58.085Lewis Lynds | TMFR
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd10 - Orlyonok 1:50.257Enzo Boutigny | Stance
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd14 - Lommel 2:04.531Lewis Lynds | TMFR
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd17 - WW Ranch 1:41.179Brodie James | NovaGFX
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd18 - Assen 1:46.054Logan Leitzel | Architech
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd19 - Villars ss Ecot 1:33.031Ham And Cheese Toasty
2017 Motul MX Nationals - Round 1 - Wonthaggi 1:58.710Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 MXS Italian Championship Rd 03: Giavera 2:12.929Austin Ecklund | New Advanced Who Dis
2017 MXS Italian Championship Rd 08: Paroldo 1:56.945Lewis Lynds | MV Films/Aspect Visual Co
2017 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:10.671Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2017 rF Gaming National Rd04: Highpoint 1:56.640Logan
2017 rF Gaming National Rd05: Muddy Creek 1:50.750Logan Leitzel | Architech
2017 rF Gaming National Rd06: Red Bud 2:20.195Michael Buitendijk
2017 rF Gaming National Rd09: Washougal 2:26.617Chase Blakely | BPC
2017 Shred Bud 4:03.875Andreas Bergstrom | Stance/DRT
2017 Supercross Rd 01 - Anaheim 1 1:15.492Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 02 - San Diego 0:57.898Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 03 - Anaheim 2 1:04.351Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 04 - Phoenix 1:03.945Dennis Fjeldberg | MadCape
2017 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland 0:59.046llynds
2017 Supercross Rd 06 - Arlington 0:53.187Dennis Fjeldberg | MadCape
2017 Supercross Rd 07 - Minneapolis 0:57.070Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 08 - Atlanta 1:01.671Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 09 - Toronto 1:02.085Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 10 - Daytona 1:27.101Ben Lake
2017 Supercross Rd 11 - Indianapolis 0:54.179Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 12 - Detroit 0:56.140Logan Leitzel | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 13 - St. Louis 1:03.335Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 14 - Seattle 0:58.437Rasmus Balzer | Cycle Trader Yamaha
2017 Supercross Rd 15 - Salt Lake City 0:47.640Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 16 - East Rutherford 1:00.148Baby Jewel | Relax Attire
2017 Supercross Rd 17 - Las Vegas 1:09.546Lewis Lynds | TMFR
2017 Supercross Round 1 - Anaheim 1:14.531Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2017 TFR SX CUP RD4 CGMXS ESX BY CONCEPTGRAFFMXS 1:38.695Jason Helm | Transmoto
2018 Australian Supercross : Round 1 1:27.445Michael Buitendijk | Why tf you cum so fast
2018 BPC SX Training Grounds 1:30.015Jay Turner | Transmoto
2018 Briarcliff MX 1:14.218Michael Buitendijk
2018 Catfish Haven Sx 0:49.875Michael Buitendijk | Dried Strawberries
2018 European CUP Rd03: Veldhoven 1:45.796Lewis Lynds | Architech
2018 European CUP Rd05: Dorno 2:19.203Tony Leger |
2018 Forgotten Raceway - EZDecals 2:23.804Lewis Lynds | Architech
2018 JPD : ShredVilla 1:36.601Matias Janice | MV Films
2018 JPD : TavellaBrosRacing ArenaCross : Tampa 0:40.640Michael Buitendijk
2018 Martin Mx 1:53.453Michael Buitendijk
2018 Milestone Sx 0:52.265Tyler Lang | Relaxed & Retired
2018 Monster Energy Cup 1:11.000Jacob Holgersson | Hitcase
2018 Motovated Arenacross - MEGA STYLE 2:07.859Lewis Lynds | Relax Attire
2018 Muddy Creek Practice 2:09.726Lewis Lynds | Architech
2018 MXSEMF National Rd01: Hangtown - Erode Test 3 2:13.820Michael Buitendijk
2018 MXSEMF National Rd02: Glen Helen 2:23.648Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
2018 MXSEMF National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:11.578Michael Buitendijk
2018 MXSEMF National Rd05: Muddy Creek 1:53.539Seth Jones | LCQ Studios
2018 MXSEMF National Rd06: Southwick Practice 2:44.859Michaelangelo Buitendijk
2018 MXSEMF National Rd07: Red Bud 2:09.125Alexis Leclair |
2018 MXSEMF National Rd08: Millville 3:13.625Lewis Lynds | It's coming home
2018 MXSEMF National Rd10: Unadilla 2:29.773Lewis Lynds | Herb
2018 MXSEMF National Rd12: Ironman 2:04.757Lewis Lynds | Jumanji 2
2018 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Race 0:46.109Anonymous
2018 Supercross Rd 02 - Houston 0:55.265Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 03 - Anaheim 0:58.195Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland 0:55.171Dennis Fjeldberg | MadCape
2018 Supercross Rd 06 - San Diego 0:57.718Tyler Lang | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 08 - Tampa 0:55.953Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 09 - Atlanta 0:54.718Connor Lynds | Architech
2018 Supercross Rd 12 - Indianapolis 0:50.562Jeremy Smith | TBR
2018 Supercross Rd 13 - Seattle 0:53.054Clintos | Transmoto
2018 Supercross Rd 17 - Las Vegas 1:06.500joao victor
2018 Tavella Gang MX 2:31.140Dylan Cavaciuti/IG dc_284
2018 TRACE RACING 1:20.968Lewis Lynds | Relax Attire
2018 WildWood MX 1:31.054Jay Turner
2019 Brazilian Nationals Rd 05: Timbo 1:34.281Michael Buitendijk
2019 Broome Tioga MX 2:02.140Michael Buitendijk
2019 Ignite Co. Compound MX 2:45.023Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd01: Neuquen 1:46.468Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd03: Valkenswaard 1:42.929Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd06: Kegums 1:39.703Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd08: Loket 1:46.742Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd09: Lommel 2:01.867Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd10: Imola 1:32.828Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming National Rd02: Fox Raceway 1:39.992Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming National Rd02: Fox Raceway Rough 1:43.414Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming National Rd09: Washougal 2:31.640Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming National Rd10: Unadilla250Rough 2:17.117LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE
2019 RivalInk MX Nationals Rnd:03- Broadford 1:36.671Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
2019 St.Jude Round 2 - WhiskeyRow 2:02.406Anthony Twidle | Privateer
2019 St.Jude Round 3 - Pomeroy Facility 1:56.304Connor Lynds | Architech
2019 St jude Series RD1; BCMX Vossi Bop Raceway 1:46.734Jannik Mueller | BPC
2019 Supercross Rd 01 - Anaheim 1:00.570Michael Buitendijk | u cant see me
2019 Supercross Rd 02 - Glendale 1:11.515Kieran Evans | Hitcase
2019 Supercross Rd 06 - Minneapolis 1:14.148Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
2019 Supercross Rd 07 - Arlington 0:54.851Michael Buitendijk
2019 Supercross Rd 14 - Nashville 0:51.710Michael Buitendijk
2019 Supercross Rd 16 - East Rutherford 0:59.382Michael Buitendijk
2019 Tampa Mx 1:16.867Michael Buitendijk
2019 The Sand Track 2:03.570washed up gear maker
2020 rF Gaming National Rd05: Lakewood 2:14.921llynds
2021OnTopMxCompound 0:17.890Michael Buitendijk
AMA National: Unadilla - Erode Test 1 2:20.882Janik Shrouder | Larry Enticer Enterprises
AmazingGwada 1:43.085Jay Turner
Archview MX Park 1:28.085Ben Lake
BAC: 2019 RVMX Cup 2:03.484Michael Buitendijk
BAC: 2020 Rd. 2 St. Louis 0:56.523Valtteri Tiainen | Rival Decal
Barcia's House MX 2:21.046Austin Bear | Savij KTM
BCMX: 2018 sx rd9 atlanta 0:59.750Lewis Lynds | MV Films
BCMX: El Chuba Cabra 2:33.968nba slim jesus
BCMX: Flow Valley 2:07.171Justin Smedley | TM-Factory Racing EU
Beaumont MX '09 2:14.921Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
BGFX: Forest MX 2:14.140jeffrey wilmart | Mx Riders France
BigD Local Track 1:35.609Jay Turner
Blewitt Springs 2:25.828Jon Musche
BlockPound 2017 - MX 1:49.851Austin Ecklund |
Blue Mountain's MX 2016 2:22.257Kieran Evans | AML Racing
Blue Quarry MX 1:43.992Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
BPC Supercross Facility - SX 1:04.398metro boomin
Bridgestone Mx 1:26.250Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Carson Road MX Facility - Full MX 2:58.414Grant Harlan | TM Factory-Racing
CDTW: Monster Mountain Classic - presented by TMFR 2:36.968Lewis Lynds | MV Films/Aspect Visual Co
Colt's Backyard #freecolt 1:22.015Michael Buitendijk
Colton Haaker's Backyard 2:20.945Erik Haugness | Stance
Coronet Bay 2:09.804jay turner | wii sports
County Fair MX 2 0:47.390Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
Cyber Dezigns MX 1:38.546Michael Buitendijk | MX1 | BEL
Cypress Hollows 2:01.257Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
DelbSX 1:07.406Rasmus Balzer | Race Nation Designs
Desert Cove Raceway 1:36.523Michael Buitendijk
Dilla Prepped 2:11.757jay turner | transmoto
Dirt bike track 2016 3:05.757Kieran Evans | AML Racing
Drip SX 1:12.820Lewis Lynds |
FadedMX Series: FadedMX Park Rd. 1 2:07.617Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
FAMmx MotoEstate - SX 1:33.093Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
FAMmx MotoVilla - Motocross Track 2:07.531nickname bants
Ferzacca Sx Compound v2 Track 1 0:53.023Lewis Lynds |
Ferzacca Sx Compound v2 Track 2 0:54.023Michael Buitendijk
Ferzacca Sx Compound v2 Track 3 1:13.171Michael Buitendijk
FiftyFive 2:34.109Anthony Twidle
Finger Lakes MX Park 1:23.539Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Flatlands MX 1:52.765Michael Buitendijk
Foggy Creek MX 2:07.171Kieran Evans | United
FOXRW2019 0:55.765Jay Turner | Transmoto
Glazed MX 2:01.445Austin Ecklund
Glen Canyon Enduro 14:26.296Lewis Lynds | TMFR
Glen Helen Practice - v3 2:27.406Kieran Evans | Hitcase Kawasaki
GotlandGrandNationals - Lidman Edition 11:10.265Lewis Lynds | MV Films
Gotland Grand Nationals 2018 12:53.671Freddy Karlsson | Hitcase
Heckman Productions Compound: Dirt SX 1:13.132Lewis Lynds | MXVice
Herrick's Compound 1:36.828Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
HFA-MX-RD2 1:50.882Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
HFA-SAND-MX 2015 2:13.929Kieran Evans | AML Racing
Holiday Hills 3:20.765Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
HomeSX 1:09.320Michael Buitendijk
Honda Supercross Test Track 0:58.062James Parkin | TM-Factory Racing EU
Hostile Hills 1:54.656Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
Hurricane Hills 2015 1:37.328Michael Buitendijk
idk.JGMX: Milfville 2:40.835Lewis Lynds | Grants sponsor
Jeremy's Practice SX 2:04.070Aaron Stackhouse| AML Racing
JGMX: 2016 Fun Track 1:55.250Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
JGMX: 2016 Mountain Side MX 1:04.750Kieran Evans | Amatuer BTO Sports
JGMX: Grassy Knoll MX 1:49.140Kieran Evans | AML Racing
JGMX: Greef Compound 1:58.609Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
JGMX: Localcross RD1: Dirt Valley MX Park 2:27.546Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
JGMX: Localcross RD2: Italian GP 2:24.890Lewis Lynds | Looking For A Team
JGMX: Localcross RD4: Pine Lined Raceway 1:55.937Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
JGMX: Milfville 1:51.601Garrett Olver
JGMX: Motoagogo Compound MX 2:04.718Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
JGMX: Not a Stock Track Raceway 1:46.906Lewis Lynds | TMFR
JGMX: Outlaws MX 1:53.000Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
JGMX: Polar Express MX 2:38.617Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing
JGMX: Realistic Litte Testie 1:12.781Luke Heberlein | SplitFire
JGMX: 2:17.328Alex Eriksson
JGMX: Tier 1 Designs MX 1:18.882Kieran Evans | AML Racing
JGSX: Stewart's 2018 SX Test Track 0:59.875Matias Janice | MV Films
JGSX: STR8 Rythm RD1 0:39.703Oliver Gjerding | Privateer
JGSX: STR8 Rythm RD2 0:41.828Fredrik Pepperoni
JPD : 2018 Tavella Bros Raceway 1:55.023Michael Buitendijk
JPD : Sand Pit Battlegrounds 0:21.984Harry White | TMFR
JPDMDcompoundSX 0:52.187Alex Eriksson |JPD/MD
JPDMDeveningride 1:56.718Andreas Bergstrom | JPD/MD
JPDMDRaceway 1:55.125Andreas Bergstrom | NOR | OPEN
JPDMDstraightrythm 0:30.726Alex Eriksson | JPD/MD
JS-Racing-Compound MX 1:49.054Jarad Lunsford | SCR | Lavalette Cycles'
Just Another Straight Rhythm 0:28.593Oliver Gjerding | 5 Eleven Designs
Katrineholm-KMCC 1:42.789Lewis Lynds | Looking For A Team
KaWorkz: 2017 Trap Land (Big Girl Stella!) 1:31.148Andreas Bergstrom | Stance/DRT
Kingluc MX Park 2:40.515Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Kittery Lake Motocross 1:49.734Thomas McBain |
Kittery Lake Supercross 1:11.742Christian Reed | Privateer
Krispy's Compound 2:50.062Ricky Ferrell | Goon
lelystad 1:46.242Michael Buitendijk
Lodge Forest MX 2:37.117Harry White
Look Alive Racing Compound | Motocross 2:16.656Lewis Lynds
Mantova - Starcross 2009 2:13.679Chris Hamilton | Privateer
McLille 2:03.054Erik Haugness | JPD/MD
Milang Raceway 3:28.445Lewis Lynds | Relax Attire
MJsx Rd 02 - Plattsburg 1:03.289Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Motorama 2016 0:20.398Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
MotoTech Husqvarna Compound 2:08.601Mikey Adams
mxindoor 0:43.148Alex Eriksson | MDC | Kryckan2
Niklas Sandbox Supercross 1:01.359Alanas Saulys | TMFR
Oatfield Mx 2019 1:29.281Tyler Lang | MV Films
Papi's Avalanche Elim 2:31.859Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
Papi's volcano elim raceway 2:29.015Michael Buitendijk
Peneman Moon 2019 1:25.351Anthony Twidle | Privateer
Perry's Dreamland Motocross 2:19.195Lewis Lynds | MV Films/Aspect Visual Co
Pinned Town 2:12.539Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Pottawattamie MX Park 1:42.460Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Premium Motospodes/Aesthetic Technology Ranch Summer MX 2:35.859Michael Buitendijk | u cant see me
PrestonDocksMotocross 2:08.328Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
RandyRaceway 2:20.640Andreas Bergstrom | JPD/MD
RCMX: LOCALCROSS 1:44.000llynds
RedBull STR 2018 0:53.015Anonymous
RedCrestMX 1:35.156Lewis Lynds | TMFR
RiverSideMX 1:43.109Michael Buitendijk
Sanday 2.0 4:17.257Austin Ecklund
Sand Training Facility 1:48.992Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
Shale Valley Raceway 2017 2:32.421Lewis Lynds | TMFR
Sky Fall MX 1:52.710Anthony Twidle | Privateer
SkyMadness rd.6 - Practice 2:48.882Lewis Lynds | Architech
SpringEdgeMX 2:20.398Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
Star Racing Yamaha Test Track 1:29.296Dylan Cavaciuti | VirokCo. | LTF
StJudesRND2 - Burnsville MX by Checkerz448 1:47.132Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
SYS Playground 0:11.210Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing
TavellaBrosRacing Dreamland 2:18.960Lewis Lynds | Architech
TCD Hummelo de Heksenplas 2017 Replica 2:29.539Austin Ecklund | DRT
Team ACR Training Facility Mx Daytime 7:23.281Noah Mickelson
Team ACR Training Facility Straight Rhythm Nighttime 0:24.117Michael Buitendijk | u cant see me
The Friday after Next Friday MX 2018 - Not a Tavella Bro Track 1:36.851Michael Buitendijk | Walmart
The Underground Compound 2019 2:01.187Michael Buitendijk
Timber Hills 1:23.484Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Unadilla Erode Practice Race 2:21.187Sean Klein | Evergood
Unadiller 2017 2:15.406Michael Buitendijk | Walmart
VlastMX: 2019 Indianapolis Supercross 0:51.445Michael Buitendijk | Why tf you cum so fast
VlastMX: AF22 Compound 2:22.312lionel spaeth | Spirit | 638
VlastMX: Harris Hills 2:17.664Michael Buitendijk
VlastMX: Harris Hills "Revamped" 2:17.265Michael Buitendijk
VlastMX: The Moses Ranch 1:40.609payson johnson
VlastMX: Track Farm : Motocross 2:08.953Freddy Karlsson | Hitcase
VT- All-In 3:02.312Erik Haugness | Azote`D
WCTD: Amber Hills 1:31.046Michael Buitendijk
WDMX: Test Facility 1:12.726Lewis Lynds | Architech
Widowmaker 0:18.070Kieran Evans | Amatuer BTO Sports
Wilbertree Flat 1:31.164Lewis Lynds | Gibraltar
Windcott 2:25.078Jay Turner | Free Agent
Winter SX 0:54.218James Parkin | Kumlin Suspension
WoodSide Raceway 2:55.828#188Enzo / Team KE Racing (BR)
WW Ranch 2:15.914Trent Sheppard | XfinityMx
WW Ranch 2017 2:48.593jay turner | transmoto
X Games Austin - Endurocross 1:22.507Alex Eriksson |*** Swedish Match
Yolo.Reed22 2:58.929Viktor | The kids racing


1100.00*13Maximus White | Need a team
2100.00*4Jeremy Smith | TBR
3100.00*226Jack Lea | Rogue Designs
4100.00*765Benjamin Saves | Limited Decal
5100.00*44Simone Santini
6100.00*58Fredrik Langagergaard | PlusRedSX
8100.00*134Jonathan Hughes | JHDesigns
10100.00*222Andrew Peakman
11100.00*10Nathan Kennett | Rival ink | #RipX
12100.00*32Brett Falvey | Holly Tek
13100.00*932Florent Lambillon | JIBR/Skullcandy
14100.00*418henry bird/privateer
15100.00*597Rasmus Wikstrom
16100.00*747@carter_sauce47 | WCP Racing
17100.00*24Cole Sellers| Matrix Concepts Racing
18100.00*105shane donlon | MRK racing
19100.00*983Alexander Eriksson
20100.00*128Junior Benevides | DirtMX
21100.00*183Jason Mena
24100.00*33Brandan Allen | MotoPlex Designs
25100.00*842Tyler Harris | ANSR Racing
26100.00*621Andreas M| Privateer
27100.00*182Aymeric FOURRIER |
28100.00*225Dylan Cox | Looking For Team
29100.00*38Garrett Stice // Vlast MX
31100.00*817Leynes Wandrey / Backyard GFX
32100.00*443Hayden Grimes | RockyMountainAtv/Mc
33100.00*33James Armstrong | MadCape
34100.00*728MURRAY-MX7 Racing Team
35100.00*85Jeremy Duverge | #85
36100.00*94Tyler L. Schmidt | TBR
38100.00*559Jake Jones
40100.00*244Spencer King | I Ride Them Dirt Scoots
41100.00*138Jordan Shaheen | MOTO1
42100.00*532Mikey Adams
43100.00*325Martin Lundquist | STANCE
44100.00*183Allyn Brooks #StandWithScotty
46100.00*504 Aaron Tripoli | Dead Meat Racing
47100.00*117Dylan Long
48100.00*127Hugh Janus | SPINC
49100.00*194Riley Moran | PanicRev
50100.00*217J-Money217 | Vertex Husqvarna
51100.00*115AJ Green|Privateer
52100.00*540Semb|Biltema Badboys
53100.00*132Diogo Pereira
54100.00*44Tom Giambrone
55100.00*122Trevor DiBasilio | Motopro Graphics
56100.00*62Seth Inabinet
57100.00*418Blair Howard | Seven Yamaha
59100.00*120Mack Spokes | ADDGFX
60100.00*49Tony Fuckin Campos
61100.00*151Dylan Mecalis | Voltage
62100.00*529Scott Hopson |Team S&R 529
63100.00*36bFisher Z. | Flyin Fish Racin
64100.00*443Nick "Robot Man" Pomeroy / 2017 DirtShark
65100.00*61Luc Hertault / MxRF / LoOnyZz
66100.00*Blu Reeves
67100.00*100Emilien Mabru||Skouad Creation
68100.00*22Jay Siviter | 22 | Looking For A Team
69100.00*223Brandon Sanchez | MYTCO
70100.00*221Brett Thomas
71100.00*244Brock Landry | OB KTM
72100.00*800Erin Rockafellow |
73100.00*77Brandon Kay
74100.00*179Kristian Baso | Rival Decal
75100.00*94Luke Lawhorn | H&S Bodyworks
76100.00*Noah Mickelson
78100.00*866Tom Guyon | Tm Racing France
79100.00*100Tyler Loomis | Volume PowerSports |
81100.00*82Keegan Thomas | RSA Racing
82100.00*31Robbie Good | TLD Kawasaki
83100.00*351Jared Polley/Mid-state Motorsports Husqvarna
84100.00*509Bodie - LSO
85100.00*35Diego Spinazzi #35| "Style"
86100.00*917Greg McAtee
87100.00*741Kirill Nikitin | Yakhnich Motorsport
88100.00*Cyril Serreau
89100.00*794Tyron Beverley
90100.00*410Oliverson Jockson | MxGR
91100.00*287Josh clark/Yellow Magic Racing Team
92100.00*393Daniel Herrlein
94100.00*44Tyson Craig
96100.00*3Ows454|122 motorsports
97100.00*853Leo Ozel | cherche team
98100.00*78Logan Coolman
99100.00*973Paul Vieira Da Silva|MxRF
100100.00*431Donald Carawan | Privateer
101100.00*51Chase Dunivant | MX Locker
102100.00*336Erik Lange | Backyard Designs #GER
103100.00*445Quenot Luca| Skouad Creation |
104100.00*94Tyson Lee
105100.00*69Nick King|Privateer
106100.00*835Kiefer Martin | Spencer Turley
107100.00*824NickyB | MXL Racing
108100.00*871Enzo Boutigny | Stance
109100.00*177Matt Killips | Tapped Media
110100.00*75Mike Stralo I DX3
111100.00*929Brock Franklin|Toca Time Racing
112100.00*592gustafsson | Yamaha Troy lee design
113100.00*811JT Dee | RockyMountainATV/MC
114100.00*48Kael Broersma | Trojan Racing
115100.00*21Jake Carter | RevLimiter
116100.00*29metro boomin
117100.00*115Jacob Blizzard | Tweaked Moto
118100.00*15Stephane Guido | Architech
119100.00*135Triston Judd | Crisp Designs
120100.00*700Fred Ascenzi | DTR Racing
121100.00*249Jacob Hampton
122100.00*330joao victor
123100.00*58seth petersen | valve FC
124100.00*116Roy Cuijpers | KBdesign
126100.00*28Harvey Isborne/Vesper Motorsports
128100.00*Kevin Hunion / Team KOM99
129100.00*97Sheepy ! #97
130100.00*63Marcondes Feitosa'
132100.00*304Brent Hunt
133100.00*396Charles Gable | DRT
134100.00*Kasper Laustsen | Horizon Racing #532
135100.00*696iboofedurmom hard
136100.00*5Roman Jaworsky
137100.00*595Roy Dikkeboer | RT Designs
139100.00*47Tyler Fogarasi | Fogarasi racing
14095.65*63Billy Kunitz | Underground RC
14194.74*244David Debeaulieu
14292.31*122Brandon Eenink
14391.89*45Rico de Laat
14491.67*284Thomas McBain |
14591.67*142Marcus Beasley | Take It Twice Racing
14690.91*10Sean Klein | Evergood
14790.91*420Jeremy Kinson | Need Team
14890.00*177Brodie James | NovaGFX
14990.00*148Trent Sheppard | Sinned Clothing
15088.89*500Janik Schroeter | Skullcandy
15188.89*114Anton Stenberg
15288.24*41Matias Janice | MV Films
15387.50*322Alex Divoley
15487.50*259Alanas Saulys | TMFR
15587.50*829Adrien Saguez Dridri l Clever School
15687.50*777Jerome Godbout | JJ Racers
15787.50*436Kodi Saunderson | MMD Racing
15887.50*808Seth Garrett | VlastMX
15987.10*3Dennis Fjeldberg | HitCase
16086.96*317Ruben Kuilder
16185.71*14Travis Fogarasi
16285.71*22Tobias Baier
16385.71*223Nicholas Robinson
16485.71*822Matteo Sabina
16585.71*127Anthony Picchione | SPINC |
16685.71*800Dyke Alessi
16785.29*325Colten Savage | LMR Kawasaki | @Csavage322
16884.96208Garrett Olver | BPC
16984.62*177Jannik Blume | BLUME RACING
17083.33*137Brandon Cocroft | Likewise Gaming
17183.33*301Jonathan Colson | AMJ Graphixx
17283.33*26Tanner Rogers |
17383.33*48Dylan Ogilby | Konnect
17483.33*400Zach Cohen
17583.33*527ANDERS KIRIAL
17683.33*228George #228
17783.33*103Daniel Cooper | RFX KTM
17883.33*263Riley Hunt - ITS COMING HOME!!!
17983.33*702jayden iverson
18083.33*24Jacob Gosche | Privateer(looking for a team)
18183.33*181Jake Thomas | LMR Kawasaki - Its Coming Home
18283.33*315Josh Mehrtens twitch/itsFEK
18383.33*946Matt Bower | IG: @Moto.Fails
18483.33*106Troy Jones
18581.82*715Spencer Burley| FastLap Designs
18681.25*75Jacob Holgersson | Hitcase
18780.00*984Ricky Williams | MotoStar
18880.00*197Jake Dylan | Take It Twice Racing
18980.00*33Kevin Gonzalez | MV Films
19080.00*272Marcus Cox
19180.00*175Michael Wheeler
19280.00*145Niklas Wild | JIBR
19380.00*52David Thierrin | KliX
19480.00*281Harry Birchmore|Cyber Dezigns
19778.57*394Johan Bourdieu | CLEVER SCHOOL KID's
19878.57*113Alex Mountney | LPAM RACING
19978.57*28Luke Heberlein | SplitFire
20078.38*101Hunter Friesen | looking for the right team
20177.78*108Cornelius | Architech
20277.27*116Maddax Spatafore/Privateer
20376.92*79Patrick Hartle #79 | TSD Racing
20476.92*8Grant Bayr | Dumb Bunny Racing
20576.47*100Brandon Roland | MotoSavage
20676.47*374George Hodkinson | GoodBros Racing
20776.19986Fredrik Pepperoni
20975.00*161Jarad Lunsford | Dream Team Honda
21075.00*27Christian Reed | Privateer
21175.00*13Chase Blakely | BPC
21275.00*457Kristian Laustsen | Privateer #EndoKing
21375.00*923Andrew Massart
21675.00*638dimfknsim | FarQ Racing
21775.00*19Elle Boi
21875.00*275HUNTER FULLWOOD | #75 | RIDE JBI
21975.00*1Jared Siedhoff | Prime Designs Graphics
22075.00*101Sergey Kurashev | GFuel Racing
22175.00*614christian jonse| A1 suspension
22275.00*33Louis Cocquet | MXRF | LC Creations
22475.00*13Tyson Johnson | Pornhub Racing
22575.00*104landon shank
22675.00*418Elijah Jaramillo|Priavteer
22775.00*120zach huffy |Squid Squad Racing|
22874.36*143Benny Landry |
22974.07*40joe botocross
23073.17*27Jose Eduardo
23172.73*1Bill Moynes | JT Designs
23272.73*204Mozart | Limited Decal
23372.50*85Austin Ecklund | BPC
23472.50*24David van Haandel
23572.03390Joe Faggot
23671.64*621Hugo Cressent | MTFactory | Youtube>MxWayGamer
23771.43*221Andrew Lipsett | privateer
23971.43*191Eddie Ozel | PeakOne Designs
24171.43*348pontus lindblad
24271.43*61Connor Vickery | Privateer
24371.43*155Jordan Crowder | Privateer
24471.43*189Khamar Glover | MGA | Impact
24571.43*143Axel Chotin|Magic Racing
24770.9269Andreas Bergstrom
24870.59*10Valtteri Tiainen | Rival Decal
24970.00*96Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
25070.00*159Luke Cameron | Privateer
25170.00*188Brandon Quigley | CycleWorks Suzuki
25269.70*718Kyle Hoover | insta: @khoover718
25369.23*1Connor Lynds | Architech
25469.23*326KyLe ScOtT | kEyStOnE rAcInG
25668.42*288DECELAS Ryan | RD Work
25768.18*919Collin Blakita | BGFX
25866.67*14Tyler Lang | MV Films
25966.67*308Tyler Jobe
26066.67*76Frederick Nylund | Adept
26166.67*55Taj Dixon
26266.67*238Tyler Berry
26366.67*851Leon Kastner | Apex Motorsports GER
26466.67*69Uncle Ron
26566.67*567Jason Felkey | Official DeCal Works
26866.67*112Corentin Mary | AMJ Graphixx
26966.67*737Christophe Vander Beken | AMJ Graphixx
27066.67*750JT |
27166.67*136Guus Slot #136
27266.67*325Raoul S. Giorgi
27366.67*3XNick Murry
27466.67*74Andrade | Power Dream | TTV Andrade74
27566.67*95Todd Johansson - Honda International Motorsport
27666.67*212Maxime Bourut |
27866.67*745Jack Mowry
27966.67*74Tony Leger |
28166.67*10Braydon Palmeira | Looking For Team
28266.67*150Robert Quesenberry | PrototypeRacing
28366.67*7James Stewart | Youshimura suzuki
28466.67*321Morris Vasser | Northwest Racing
28566.67*74Lionel Spaeth | MotoLab
28666.67*49Andrew Maroney | Grown Children
28766.67*176Joseph Pilsner | Motion Mx
28866.67*176Jarett Gasque | Tagger Designs/Juul
28966.67*917jordan browning| privateer
29166.67*211Kohlton Feagin | Cycle Center inc.
29266.67*175Jack Diduch | YouTube Racing
29366.67*98Anthone#389#98|Black RedBull Factory|AMProduction|FR|
29466.67*522Eric Kidney 522|Valley Moto shop
29566.67*41Samuel Roche#41/Suzuki RCH Racing
29666.67*458Lee Bradley
29766.67*55Nathan Aguilar | KDN Racing
29866.67*656Niklas Blume | BLUME RACING
29966.67*97Collin Davis
30166.67*115Ismo Uytdewilligen|GFuel Racing
30366.67*564Kyle Elliot | OLDMATE
30466.67*113Tyler Smith | Privateer
30566.67*13Sam Till 13
30666.67*399Tom McHugh | Triple M Husky
30766.67*91Caleb McReynolds | Privateer | 91:
30866.67*905Arnold Cobra3hunna | SplitFire SparkPlugs
30966.67*14zach wood
31066.67*199Victor Redondo | JAVO Motorsports
31166.67*765Will Clark | Halifax Motorsports
31266.67*823Jeremy Gwiozdowski | SPINC |
31366.67*214Wtf poop duck
31466.67*281Lane Pierce | Privateer
31566.67*105Jason Thomason |
31666.67*30Justin Brown/Dirty30Racing
31765.22*267Etienne Bernard | MTFactory
31865.22*46Paul Vieira Da Silva|MxRF|CFS
31965.00*13Austin Brydges | FastLap Designs
32064.71*472Carter Greer| Greer Racing Offroad Team
32164.71*385mike obrien|Rogue Racing
32264.38*872Daniel Irvine | Takatoji Racing
32364.29*635Michael Dieringer | Bullfrog Spas | GHR
32464.29*154Rhys Harris | EBR
32564.29*118Seth Jones | LCQ Studios
32663.64*330Lars Baso | Team Volcom
32763.64*859Alban DUBOIS | XTCFACTORY
32963.64*7Alexis Leclair |
33063.64*370Zander Bigwood | MMoto Suzuki
33163.64*35Marc Gonzalez |
33363.41*351Payson Johnson | Dixie Land Powersports
33463.16*909Logan Erlewein | MxFactory
33563.07743Anthony Twidle | Takatoji Racing
33662.50*466Arla Green | LSO
33762.50*778Jakob Hubbard | Vertex Pistons
33862.50*283Antoine Rabat | MotoLab
33962.4730Michael Buitendijk
34062.07*27Aymerick DUPONT | MFG Racing
34161.54*573Lane Burkes | LCQ Studios
34361.29*987Hunter Braun
34461.29*133Jakob Hellkvist | Limited Decal
34561.11*738Braiden Ehle | Dabaum Designs
34661.11*80Shawn Smith | VirokCo.
34860.53*732Chris Harper
34960.40275Dennis Kristiansen | Asterisk
35160.00*616Henry Feehan | #StandWithScotty
35260.00*117Gaetan Pich | MagicRacing |
35360.00*527Zach Howell
35460.00*253John Thierrin | Fafa
35559.67258Oliver Gjerding | Gjerding Designs
35659.405Melvin Bylander | GMA Racing
35759.38*821Valentin Van | Slice Graphic'S
35859.2794Austin Bear | MXLOCKER.COM
35959.26*156Ryan Larkins | Oktan Racing | SGLProductionsTv
36158.82*69Kyle Aanonsen | DELB Moto.
36258.82*44Gerard Verdu | looking for a team
36358.82*22Cody Outlaw |
36458.82*338nicolas thomas ~FR~ 338
36558.82*11John Sweeney | DELB Moto.
36658.33*120Dwayne Cusano | FFMX Racing
36758.33*96Jake Heun | Privateer
36858.33*724Kyle Morgan | Fasthouse MX
36958.33*63Seb Galea
37058.33*256Jim Charlier
37158.06*210Lance Ament | RC Graphics
37257.89*153Brad Bower
37557.4649Jay Turner | Transmoto
37657.14*447Sascha Jung | SeventySevenDesign
37757.14*994Nolan Serves | MxRF | SL#685
37857.14*22Alec Floyd || Skyline Motorsports
37957.14*455Declan Hutchison | Greef Clothing
38057.14*194Dominic Cameron | FastLap Designs
38157.14*151Ryan | Privateer
38256.90210Harry White | TMFR
38456.67*1Alexander "AquaZ" Lagerkvist
38556.67*629Harry Craig | jj werts sponsors me
38656.04*177Dylan Cavaciuti | Takatoji
38756.00*100Alexander Ivarsson | Hitcase
38856.00*502Daniel Paz | Privaturd
38956.00*94Tim Walch
39155.56*20Jon Musche
39255.56*426Jannik Mueller | BPC
39355.56*126Jaume Vera | JJCenter Suspensions
39455.56*69Luke Tabor
39555.56*78Brad Smith | Rival ink
39655.56*127Samuel Lane
39755.36*10Alex Kerr
39855.17*269Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
39955.11676josh edgington
40055.00*427Charlie Razzell
40154.90192Ben Lake
40254.55*243Austen Bennett | Vans | Fuel Clothing Co.
40354.55*851*old beat down ox* murray 851
40454.4873Rasmus Balzer
40554.29*728Connor Hargett | Insta: ch_728
40654.17*312Hayden Stevenson | looking 4 team
40753.85*243Permanov Ruslan | Russian Bears
40853.85*198Sam Sorensen | MrMX198 | Rival Decal
40953.85*76James Ohashi | Logodaddy Racing
41053.85*155Aaron Hall l Architech
41153.70*761Michael Mudge
41253.68*929[9][2][9]DankyDankerson[Double Dank]
41353.33*795Fabien Mercier | RD Work
41453.33*557Logan Toucheque | JIBR/Skullcandy
41552.63*296Michael Diem
41652.63*72Jeff Jenney | GSP Racing
41751.89107Alex Eriksson
41851.88100James Parkin | Cycle Trader Yamaha
41951.8533Jack Gatland | Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
42051.85*212Lewis Kay
42150.82349Grant Harlan | Barkers r us
42250.00*157Dylan Gatlin
42350.00*363Chris Watts | Split Designs Co.
42450.00*1trenton leveille| wide open riders#1
42550.00*pootyler stepek
42650.00*148Tim Scholtes | Skullcandy
42750.00*117Deegan Bannister | NextLevel Racing
42950.00*2Kutter Beavers | 77 Designs
43050.00*9Steven Azarkiewicz | GDR
43150.00*273Carlos Beasley #273
43250.00*241NATHAN ALFARO
43350.00*851Frank Kastermans | MotoTech Yamaha
43550.00*383Joey Nielsen | PoGo
43650.00*153Bryce Foley
43750.00*154Jaxson whetstone
43850.00*104Sylvan Canrinus | DVT Media
43950.00*24Joaquin Morales #Road2Sx
44050.00*212Jake Moszyk | EBR Performance
44150.00*50Emil brattelin
44250.00*422Reno Brennan | Wildside Designs
44350.00*489Jp emond
44450.00*140Ryan Ashman | MMoto Suzuki
44550.00*76Sean Smith | Youtube
44650.00*927ORIGINALS AKA RUBLE DAN #927
44850.00*194Dominic Cameron
44950.00*786nickname bants
45050.00*804Scott Pugh | Privateer
45150.00*68Clintos | Transmoto
45250.00*65Isaiah Dickerson | MV Films
45350.00*45 Brock Chapman | Elite Chassis
45450.00*465Blake Bishop
45550.00*88Dakota Bush
45650.00*1Eneas / Privateer #1
45750.00*buzulier erwan
45850.00*514Koa Scott | MMD Racing
45950.00*571Spencer Brooking | TEAMS?
46050.00*11Damon Tavella #11 / Privateer
46150.00*433Stuart Cross | Illicit Mx
46250.00*22101 crashes in 1 lap
46350.00*99Evade | MX
46450.00*337Robert Bengtson #337 | RR Graphic mx sim team
46550.00*120Jarrett Wright
46650.00*465Ethan Martin| MRK Racing
46750.00*522Dominik Grau #522
46850.00*134Gauthier Dubois | MTFactory
46950.00*231Fabien Culot | RD Work
47050.00*125Logan Newman
47150.00*817joshua wehrle / Backyard GFX
47250.00*238Linus Andersson | TM Factory-Racing EU
47350.00*ragTor MILLA Sandven | navy
47450.00*318Ethan Olsen
47550.00*666Kjell Ake Johansson
47650.00*42Corentin Julian | Impact
47750.00*19Ricky Ferrell | United
47850.00*102Carson McNaney | Priviteer
47950.00*10Marc Marini | Voltage
48050.00*758Breakneck #758
48250.00*46Lucas Schmidt | SixtyOne Designs
48350.00*64BradHewitt sixfour
48450.00*424Ryan Anderson
48650.00*228Travis Cummings
48750.00*69Dude Its Doug
48850.00*352Adam Sobolik | Goon Wagon Racing
48950.00*237Xylian Ramella
49050.00*901Egert Veltson | JNR Motorsports
49150.00*999Joe Motocross
49350.00*149Norlander I VRW Racing Team
49450.00*77Thomas Ball | KFC
49550.00*22Logan Beede
49650.00*504Matthias Thijsen | Seven MX
49850.00*264Garrett Modin| RM Racing
49950.00*892Jens Osterman I Race Nation Designs
50050.00*92RauanBrito|Phisics Racing
50150.00*25Dylan Bartle |
50250.00*228Maxime NEGREL | CLEVERSCHOOL
50350.00*23Lamont Hyde
50450.00*35Frankie Barna | Fuel Clothing Co.
50550.00*138Arthur Theisen|MFG Racing
50650.00*69Kevin Allister
50750.00*441Michael Mullican | Privateer
50850.00*37Jordi Prats | TG Films
50950.00*984Antonio Garcia|TG Films
51050.00*116Ryder Starick | Motopro Graphics
51150.00*312trevor thompson
51250.00*208Jasper van Gorp
51350.00*202Josh DeMars
51450.00*662Fonmarty | #662 | MX24 | FR
51549.76196Ryan Turner | JIBR/Skullcandy | TTV/ryanturner_99
51649.6440Freddy Karlsson | Hitcase
51848.78*311Kyle Lane | 4Zero
51948.39*957Kendall Armanie | TTV KR_Money
52047.83357Kieran Evans | Privateer
52147.46*46Daniel van Tetering | Wilvo Yamaha Racing Team
52247.22*96Witlox #96
52347.06*7Steve Harris | Sinned Clothing
52446.67*351Jack Curtis |
52546.51*471Candy Johnson
52646.30*102Nico 102 FR
52746.15*318rudy legeay
52846.15*126Adam Hopwood
52945.45*880Andreas Juhl | Eurotek
53045.24*13Brody Miller
53245.00*3Marini Adrian | Martini 3 | Team BUD RAcing
53345.00*27 Julien Bardet | #27 | Unique Motorsports
53444.9331Erik Haugness | HitCase
53544.44*322Mads Balzer | Atlas Technologies
53644.44*412Mariano Escobar EBR Team
53744.44*290jeremy monceu / 2 fast
53844.44*584HunterD 584 | Attire Racing |
54043.75*928Castellano antoni
54143.75*923Blake Lyon
54243.18*100Lewis Evans | Privateer
54342.86*385Christoffer Jonsson | TMFR
54442.86*180Ben Toye | GDR
54542.86*27Daniel Fencl
54642.86*422Matt Taylor | Savij KTM
54742.86*169Ryan Stoll | VS Racing
54842.86*202Connor Wells | Privateer
54942.86*199Zac Dowling | Privateer
55042.86*stephens | 38 | factory yamaha
55142.86*317Jason Stuen||SKR #317
55242.86*717Oscar Manias| JrVisuals
55342.44135Axel Hovelius|Looking For A Swedish Team
55542.11*95cody russell
55642.11*180Ryder Pietro
55741.67*69braden cory|privateer
55841.67*31Alec Horn | Fuel Graphix
55941.67*7Aironas Bukauskas l Race Nation Designs
56041.67*69moist dong
56141.38*150Jason Helm | Transmoto
56241.18*131Isac Wallin
56340.91*642Robert Fratscher | NEED TEAM
56540.00*375Bryan Kelly | VirokCo. | LTF
56640.00*273Wyatt Bozarth | NutUp Industries
56740.00*71Kane Florian I Magic Racing
56840.00*227JGMX #4kiska WildSide Designs
56940.00*211Timothe Lucas | Powersport
57040.00*109Rowdy Houston
57140.00*87chris tedesco | A$AP Mafia
57240.00*127Trey Northrop|EBR
57340.00*21Florian Monteaud |
57440.00*67Gavin Derifield | Marcus's Tr0N St0rIeS r @sS
57740.00*247Victor Norlander
57840.00*262365 Cleanup crew
57940.00*353Theo Charpentier | Cherche TEAM
58040.00*323Logan Mcsweeney
58140.00*36Loris Modard/2B Yam Racing#36
58240.00*003Justin Drew
58340.00*122Michael Bridier\2B Yam Racing#122
58440.00*724Ryan Bailey | Motion MX
58540.00*209Nick Casella
58639.13*122Trevor Burns |
58738.89*96Reece Martin
58838.89*KYS365 Cleanup crew
59038.46*225Max Spicer| Vs Racing
59138.46*38Jared Brooks
59238.10*934Owen Harnishfeger | JNP
59338.10*13Fred Heather |
59437.84*556Justin Burdick l KAA Racing
59537.70*209Tim Vogt|TaggerDesignsHonda #209
59637.56606Jack Clasen | Horizon Racing | Jack Clasen on YT
59737.50*505loris troesch|MXFactory|fr! wolfgang
59837.50*292Greg McCann | Raw Rolling Papers
59937.50*490Steven Drew | Split Designs
60037.50*718Jack Bird
60237.50*383Kim Persson | Honda International Motosports
60337.50*520Ernesto cota| Privateer
60437.50*584Fabian Goleo | Biomix
60536.84*26Theo F. | MFG Racing
60636.36*371Chris Little | XFR Motorsports
60736.36*360Chandler Bloxom | NutUp Industries
60836.36*80Kristoffer "Storken" Wenerklang | TMFR
61036.00*139Alex Griffiths | GWC Motorsports
61135.94*353Gavin Sievenpiper
61234.88*112Dominic Saulnier | PoGo
61334.78*695Max Bliss
61434.37115Aaron Stackhouse
61534.29*211Erin Rockafellow |
61733.33*31Matt Stewart|#31|
61933.33*711Mikey Benedict |
62033.33*777Jeremiah Titus | Privateer
62133.33*96Hacksaw Lodges
62233.33*110Slamsem #110
62333.33*999Joe Motocross
62433.33*264Romain ZAMOUM | Privateer
62533.33*381Tyler "Bubblebath" Horvath |
62633.33*143matthew alfaro
62733.33*391Cole Heberlein | SplitFire
62833.33*11brandan sanders/d.m designs/#11
62933.33*213Blake Chisholm | A$AP Mafia
63033.33*742Garrett Hollenbeck | Relax Attire
63233.33*711Justin Harper | NextLevel Racing
63333.33*91Braden Carter | Nike Moto
63633.33*865Jett Wisdom | WT Racing
63733.33*704Deric McConnell | privateer
63833.33*394Walker Adams | Team Sakai Racing
63933.33*717Dakota French | DeCal Works
64033.33*78Dylan Aguilar | KDN Racing
64133.33*138Tanner Dean
64233.33*702blood motocross
64433.33*88jacob walker l faction mx
64533.33*514Dalton | SplitDesigns
64733.33*584George Hollins | Privateer
64833.33*922Dylan Brard | Privateer
64933.33*2wesley wetzer
65133.33*873Dale Mullins | Transmoto
65233.33*525leo seugnet
65333.33*399Logan Seese
65433.33*RipAlex Cunningham | #BrokenBack #Myfriendsaemuu
65533.33*27Arminas Jasikonis | TMFR
65633.33*293geoffrey tremerie|searching team for outdoors
65733.33*65Mike Donovan #65 | Dr. Dew Racing
65833.33*302Mikkel Enevoldsen|XFR Motorsports
65933.33*128Dom Picchione | SPINC |
66033.33*88Oskar Romberg | MXS-Germany
66132.35*102Riley Kincaid | Wide Open Riders #102
66232.14*103Todd Wadsworth
66332.00*247rocky arson
66431.58*319Toe Fugier | Five Design's
66531.25*48David Graf
66631.25*Markus Krawczyk
66730.77*160Ethan Gerst | EBR | WE LIVE AT
66830.43*136Lars Richter | BLUME RACING
66930.43*347Zech Forsythe | Preme Decals
67030.00*255Jonathan Alexander | VirokCo.
67229.03*18erwan dupre !Five Design's
67328.57*314Anton Andersson | Limited Decal
67428.57*832Johann Letestu| CLEVER SCHOOL
67528.57*12Jake Kazarian | Emerald Kawasaki
67628.57*523Dylan Creedon | Greef Clothing
67728.57*738Jeremy Mowry
67828.57*31Ryan Hudson|Privateer
67928.57*23Alex Eggleston|ARA Racing|#23
68028.57*242Josh Collins | Limited Decal
68128.57*85Hazz Mazz
68227.27*84 damien pineau/spinn5
68327.27*220Patrick Klein Baltink | DVT Media
68427.27*255Adrian|No team #255
68526.67*509Orlando Garza| GYTR Yamaha
68626.32*20 colby egeland <> relax attire
68726.09*303Caden Herch |
68826.09*190Martin Haakenstad
68925.81*259barrault jerome
69125.00*35jack rogers
69225.00*299Trevor Burns | Motoplayground
69425.00*188#188Enzo / Team KE Racing (BR)
69525.00*727Colin Moore | Kickstart Racing
69625.00*259Maicky Valet | MaaC Racing
69725.00*72Adrian Wilson | Savij KTM
69825.00*4Dean Caudill #4 | IG- @Moto.Fails
69925.00*59Reid Young
70125.00*Zach Ufimzeff l JMZ Racing
70225.00*115Eli Block | SAVIJ KTM
70325.00*Max Day l JMZ Racing
70425.00*43Cameron Lee | MadCape
70525.00*624Ryan Neale | MMoto Suzuki
70625.00*651Graziano Luca | AMprod factory
70725.00*38Ben Seaburg | RFX KTM
70825.00*956Sandqvist I VRW Racing
70925.00*42Deegan Hepp
71023.81*17Dany Thiery | Slice Graphic'S
71123.46917viktor eklof
71223.33*366Johannes Persson #366
71323.08*50Lionel Suchorab
71423.08*100Nick Brown
71523.08*904Justen Cate
71822.22*324sam larsen
71921.74*195Dar Bolicki | Rockstar Husqvarna Mechanic
72021.43*26jaden wilson | nutup industries
72121.43*118Daniel Snow | RC Graphics
72221.43*33Caleb Landgrebe | CYSP
72321.43*334Lincoln Perotti | LPAM Racing
72421.43*338Ben White | Whites Transport Racing
72521.43*242Jamie Smith
72621.05*380jacob glenn
72721.05*197Danny Fox
72820.69*181Oliver Albertsen | Underground RC
72920.00*30Jesper bye
73120.00*231Markus Olsson | TMFR
73220.00*17Chris Sweeney | DELB Moto.
73320.00*427Brandon Wolfe | Hitcase
73420.00*919Doug Bauer | Goon Wagon Racing
73520.00*118Trey Ellis
73620.00*76Seth Beal
73720.00*26Nick Sellahn | Backyard GFX #lol
73820.00*817Anton Carlsson | LMR Kawasaki
73920.00*221Mike Boyd | Powered By Pot
74020.00*53Morgi Fabreguettes | TECHMOTO
74220.00*718Bo VanWyngarden
74420.00*349Lewis Hayward | KPR
74520.00*196Scott Gengler | Limited Decal
74619.3976Dillon Jayne
74718.18*98Tim Aarntzen | ART/Racecraft Decals
74818.18*989Nevala 989
74918.18*206Tallon Coane | / RivalInk
75018.18*64Nash Cooke | EBR | #64
75117.65*103Jake Rassa | Privateer
75216.67*418Daniel Nolasco | Privateer
75316.67*450Logan Boettcher
75416.67*229Logan Hughes
75516.67*304Justin Smedley | TM-Factory Racing
75616.67*634REMO SCHUDEl
75716.67*200Cody Cheers
75816.67*51Reece Comas
75916.67*58Tucker Yielding
76116.67*29Thomas Stead | Grf Label
76216.67*726CamDow | VirokCo. | LTF
76414.29*338SnS|Wiley Phillips
76514.29*20Ryan Friedly\Motorex\20/20 Air
76614.29*222Sam Stephen | Rival Ink
76714.29*174Rene Rosin | Limited Decal
76814.29*99Ethan Middleton #99 | Venom Racing
76914.29*523Lennard Moellenhoff
77014.29*155Alessio Ciani | RockyMountainATV/Mc
77114.29*329Brice Boswell | AML Racing
77214.29*36Jake Rose | VirokCo.
77314.29*320Brady Jones
77413.64*32Jonas Lindhagen
77513.64*879Anton Karlsson
77712.50*4Luke Bradbury
77812.50*502Ethan Holland | MH Designs
77912.50*269Andrew Kawyn | Eleven10 Mods
78012.50*119#119 formiguinha / Team KE Racing
78111.11*646Esten Gagnas | Adidas Motorsports
78210.00*876Blake Herzog | Fueled by Beer
78310.00*948Alex Griffiths | Hitachi ASA KTM
7849.76*15Chris Hamilton | Privateer
7859.09*34Pnut Dilley | Trojan Racing
7869.09*353Jonas Comfort | AML Racing
7885.88*116Albin Linden
7894.35*142Turd Ferguson
7900.00*511Stefan Loomes
7910.00*428Dunn Charbonneau
7920.00*420Andy Bojo
7940.00*56Sammy Sprinklers | motoplayground
7950.00*998Max Nordh
7970.00*159Lee Wharton #159
7980.00*11Ryan Widmaier | Privateer
7990.00*572Carlo Pelle | MagicRacing
8010.00*416ThomasLama|LM Racing|
8020.00*2Justin Sanders | T.A.B. Productions#2
8030.00*15Devin Ryan | Relax Attire
8040.00*151Bryan Johnson
8050.00*167Conner McLachlan/priveteer
8060.00*115Arnaud Clause | AMJ Graphixx
8070.00*56Brayden Moncrief|56
8100.00*6Sam Hawes | Privateer
8110.00*Fuckin Squid #Cut4Bieber
8120.00*36AUSTIN SCHAFER team sobmx
8140.00*108Dustin Tipton | TLD kTm Founder
8150.00*40Olle Freij | Roost Mx
8160.00*966Julien Toucheque | JMC Motorsports
8170.00*131Guilherme Cabral | DirtMX
8180.00*57Felix Anderlund
8190.00*364Cody Penwell | Fammx Designs
8220.00*771Maxim Scherbakov
8230.00*194Stuart Gengler | Limited Decal
8240.00*25Tryston Pullin | PornHub Racing
8250.00*454Mehdi Kennouda | RT Factory
8260.00*36Brittan Lees | Waxed Racing
8270.00*526Hunter Dietrich
8280.00*252straight up whip
8290.00*9Steven Mitchell | Privateer
8300.00*317Cody B
8310.00*475Xavier Elkins | WT Racing
8330.00*30i am a scrub
8340.00*31Jay Felix | Looking For Team
8350.00*426Benji Spurgeon | @Moto.Fails Owner
8360.00*52Labis | S.S. Downs
8370.00*511Moto Agogo | Team Ewok 2.0
8380.00*156Alexis DARTUS
8400.00*23Wrider Robb | Prime Design Graphics
8410.00*172Kevin van den Broek
8420.00*179Shane bissanti | mowin the air racin
8430.00*Dalton//NBD Int Kawashi
8440.00*134Alessio Ciani | PowerDream
8460.00*40Dalton Spooner| MRK Racing
8470.00*13Dray Smith | Fuel Graphix
8480.00*580Solomon Khalife | 201 Productions
8490.00*39luc perrot
8500.00*138Jordan Shaheen |
8510.00*936Bruno Gouttesoulard | Team AmbArA
8520.00*97Sophia Diamond | Taken
8530.00*118Kyle Howard | Troy Lee Designs Kawasaki
8540.00*123Aiden Coleman| XFR Motorsports
8550.00*235Kaleb Armstrong |
8560.00*301Mark Bracegirdle | Privateer
8570.00*397Matthew Sanders | Team Sam's Club
8580.00*83jake spease
8600.00*150Moto_lyfestyle | MotoLyfe industries
8610.00*15Luca Gosetto/ Dirt Decals
8620.00*282Dan Webb
8630.00*103Jake Bedford | SPRC
8640.00*10Louis Bunday
8650.00*214david bradley|addition builders
8660.00*570Christian Lien | Privateer
8670.00*623Keith Cremeans | SCR | Lavalette Cycles'
8680.00*28Christian Costalas | FCR Suspension
8690.00*37Ryan Mahan | SplitFire SparkPlugs
8700.00*393Brady Klemm | Privateer
8710.00*235Dylan | SplitDesigns
8720.00*566Erwan Leballais | Skouad Creation
8730.00*522Alec Bird
8740.00*622James Fryer | LSO Racing
8750.00*27Colby Mason/Donut Kills isis and saves goats
8770.00*23Oscar Arias
8780.00*Jamie Meyers
8790.00* 2HOKEY_POKEY
8800.00*5Adam Crews | Likewise Gaming
8810.00*150Logan May | JL Designs
8820.00*760Jock Maxwell | Privateer
8830.00*john kelly:Team Bonzi Engines/Race Tech/ Alienware
8840.00*744Dean Reymen
8860.00*728Quentin Durot |Kawasaki Racing Team|
8870.00*622Matt Vince 622
8880.00*322Jordan M
8890.00*114Skinny Penis
8900.00*6Ian Brauning | Privateer
8910.00*4Martin Hanssen | Team Yamaha
8920.00*171Alexandre Nonnez
8930.00*15Kyle Vidovich
8940.00*85Burner Turner #85
8950.00*120Cole Vesterby | MotoPro Graphics
8960.00*6Kilien / TSE MOTOSPORT
8970.00*19Landon Johnson | Voltage
8990.00*184Christian.L | OB KTM
9000.00*12Oscar Eriksson
9010.00*115Joseph G. | Flyin Fishin Racin
9020.00*860Ryder Remenik
9030.00*27Andre Santos | MadCape
9040.00*88Cody Akers | 2017 DirtShark
9050.00*50Riley Palsa
9070.00*22bob kresss
9080.00*138Trevor Williams RevLimiter
9090.00*295Tyler Morin
9120.00*95Johnny Mcclorey
9130.00*501Matt Smith | Privateer |
9140.00*508Chris Jason \ ADD Graphics
9150.00*20Lachie Davis
9160.00*92AndreFornander|Biltema BadBoyz
9170.00*599Jake Jaynes | Motochasin/Ronald's Cycle Center #FreeGreg
9180.00*167Blake O'Brien | Flat Track Racing
9190.00*44Dylan Love | Vertex Husqvarna
9200.00*61Brandon Newman\privateer
9210.00*828Bryce Martin | Privateer
9220.00*229Logan McNeil/Bloomington Powersports
9230.00*813Thibaud Bernard
9240.00*47Dillen Watson\Privateer
9250.00*32FLipeen Eriksson
9260.00*2Zachary Whitaker | T&R Racing
9270.00*821jeffrey wilmart | Mx Riders France
9280.00*99Rylan Wright
9290.00*110Luke Russell
9300.00*78[FRA] NUMBERS 78
9310.00*67 Charlie Vidler
9320.00*486Carson West | Privateer
9330.00*13makez groves
9340.00*200Jakob Baton
9360.00*112Bentley Tondu/ Scenari Racing
9370.00*22Jordan Crowder | Steezy Racing
9380.00*71Hunter Karnz
9390.00*110James Beston|SKDA
9400.00*820Ryan Spengler | MX Locker
9410.00*156carlnovak| Spencer Turley
9420.00*43Jake Buonemani
9430.00*108Jake Nite | Privateer
9440.00*110Roy Termaat | MXNL
9450.00*23T. Donaldson | FHR
9460.00*565Blake Revitzer
9470.00*426Nolan Keckley | Privateer
9480.00*14BrandonEade |DSA RACING|
9500.00*582Tigo Peters | road to een krokketje
9510.00*77Freddie Jackson
9520.00*975Alex Cox | TBC
9530.00*894Gdubs l MXL Racing Yamaha
9540.00*96Evan Pierron | Spirit | #96
9590.00*303Nick Scholtes
9600.00*bobjeremy gadal
9610.00*246Paul Sandras/Pilote prive/
9620.00*474Leok Merka|SEARCH TEAM
9630.00*259Jake Webb
9640.00*674Smidly | Toca Time Racing
9650.00*527MIKE MALO
9660.00*815nathan ithier || privateer
9670.00*454Joe Motocross
9680.00*338Kyle Branson
9690.00*64RC | looking for a team
9700.00*84Joey.Olson\Valve FC
9710.00*35Rick Wennekes | Privateer
9720.00*9Edouard Marques #9 // Privateer
9730.00*80Eduardo Simoes | ITAVI
9740.00*27AJ Vanderelli | Lucas Oil Honda
9750.00*199Aeron Gibbs | Freddy Owns A % of Me
9760.00*512Christian Hentila
9770.00*211Matt Clark
9780.00*754Yaroslav Gundyrev|Yakhnich Motosport|
9790.00*897Petrus Mutanen | JuppiRacing
9810.00*999Joe Motocross
9820.00*290Matt Nesenger |Tweaked Moto | #290
9840.00*209Tanel Podra / Yellow Magic Racing
9850.00*94Theo Cavalli | FCrew/Twola
986-165Ben Surry | Architech
987-Trevin Bender
988-412Adam Dahlberg Mx4Life
990-38Florian Barnel AMATEUR
991-192Dylan Burns
992-124Jason Gourley
993-41Lewis Mason
994-479Benjamin Carpentier/GB TEAM
995-480sean kimber
996-311Phil MacNeill #311
997-306Bradley Clay | SYS Racing Yamaha
998-38Braiden Ehle | Lamborghini Yamaha
999-121Maxime Lassence
1000-137GianCarloHarrison|137|Typical Honda
1001-218Reece McBride
1002-124Jared Romero | looking for team
1003-167sevenans dylan/LOOKING FOR TEAM
1004-695Tanner Todd
1005-282Connor Austin | MGFX
1006-27Chandler Lord
1008-126Mike JONES
1009-202Mark Demitraszek//need team\\
1010-243Steny Lambert | 2L Factory | #243
1012-37Chris Angelotti
1013-924Ashton Rakofsky
1014-516Nate Stevens // Morpheus Racing
1015-27Pedro Licassali #27
1016-496Romain Seranon
1017-87Dickens 87 - BlizzardExtreme
1018-GAYWoody Gardina | Factory GBR
1019-648Malthe Soerensen|LM Racing
1020-1xDaniel Rodriguez|Ox Mototsports|#1x
1021-663Jakob Nilsson | SWE
1022-420Tom Lees Jr. | LMR Kawasaki
1023-chase bell
1024-76Danny van Hoof
1025-44@maxsanford | MD
1026-144Ryan Lovell
1027-133Blake Hartley|DPH Husqvarna
1028-142Brandon McCracken |Tryfect Designs #142
1029-569Marcus Petersen | SDG Design
1030-326Jake Cabral
1031-150Panos Konopiso #150 honda
1032-74Holland Losey | gXy Apparel | WS Designs
1033-265Jacob Ande
1035-629max harper | Enigma Productions
1036-110Doug Oakley
1037-321Tiago Gomes | Zookateer
1038-129Tyler Ahern
1039-250Aaron Blackstone
1041-44Fallon | JF KTM RACING
1042-126Justin Pokorny
1043-329Tim | Goon Squad
1044-991Alexander Nilsson
1045-423Mike Gillispie
1046-422Drew Sender|Squid Racing
1047-999Joe Motocross
1048-68Jose Rufete
1049-93Lukas reagan|privateer|
1050-127Samuel Lane
1051-96Dawid Juengling | MXS-Germany
1052-157Rokas Simaitis | Looking for team
1053-414Taylor Payne | SplitDesignCo.

* Less than 100 opponents.

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