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Recent Races

3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (2 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (2 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (3 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
Lewis Lynds | AektivCo set the new track record at 0:20.398
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)
Logan Leitzel | DX3 set the new track record at 0:20.890
3L at Motorama 2016 (4 riders)

Track Records

!!!KBB Clothing Localcross series - Round One 1:49.523Kieran Evans | DoubleDank
!hi 1:25.179Michael Buitendijk
((((2014 Rythmvalley MX,Enduro, Extreme Enduro, SX))) 7:18.500Harry White | TMFR
(JS7 Compound 2015):MX 2:19.835Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
(MotoOption TC) Motosport Compound MX 2:29.867Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2012 MotoSport rF National Rd02: Freestone 2:59.546Kieran Evans | Stance
2012 Vurb Classic - Oatfield 1:34.882Tim Walch #944
2013 MX Sim Cup 1:20.234Andreas Bergstrom | Stance/DRT
2014 MXS GP Rd 17: Lierop 2:14.625Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2015 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 4 - Echopark Fairgrounds 1:42.398Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd01: Hangtown 2:24.320Jack Clasen | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd05: Highpoint 2:06.492Lewis Evans | Privateer
2015 Motosport rF National Rd07: Red Bud 2:18.468Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2015 MotoSport rF National Rd08: Millville 2:14.281Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd09: Washougal 2:24.437James Parkin | Amateur BTO Sports
2015 Motosport rF National Rd10: Unadilla 2:10.265Melvin Bylander | AML Racing
2015 Motosport rF National Rd12: Indiana 2:29.789Emilien Mabru||Skouad Creation
2015 MXGP of Italy : Maggiora 1:35.945Andreas Bergstrom | JPD/MD
2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Quali 0:50.078Frederick Nylund | Adept
2015 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Race 0:50.015Harry White | Privateer
2015 Supercross Rd 1 - Anaheim 1 1:07.148Alex Eriksson |*** Swedish Match
2015 Supercross Rd 2 - Phoenix 0:59.007Austin Ecklund
2015 Supercross Rd 3 - Anaheim 2 1:10.898Austin Ecklund
2015 Supercross Rd 10 - Daytona 1:01.929Austin Ecklund
2016 Australian Nationals Rnd 06 Nowra - Hosted by TM Factory Racing 1:56.960Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2016 Azote Design Compound 2:18.882Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Brazilian Motocross Championship Rd3: Extrema 1:36.515Lewis Lynds | JPD/MD
2016 Brazilian Motocross Championship Rd5: Tres Rios 1:44.585James Parkin | MXVice
2016 ConceptgraffMXS sx training camp #1 1:37.257Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 DARR's Compound-SX 1:15.242Andreas Bergstrom
2016 EMF Retro SX Prep Rd02 - Dallas (2004) 1:01.429Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 EMF Retro SX Prep Rd04 - San Diego (2004) 0:52.953Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 2 - Astoria Arena 1:13.195Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 3 - Colona Civic Center 1:42.148Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 Greef Clothing Australian Supercross Round 1 : Sydney 1:00.789Lewis Lynds | JPD/MD
2016 Loretta Lynn's NineOh3Designs 1:58.156Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Monster Energy Cup 1:07.171Logan Leitzel | TMFR
2016 MXS Italian Championship Rd 10: Namur 2:24.140Harry White | TMFR
2016 MXSON - Maggiora 2:02.007Fabian Goleo | Biomix
2016 rF Gaming National Rd01: Hangtown 2:23.187Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 rF Gaming National Rd02: Glen Helen 2:29.359Anton Stenberg
2016 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:21.195Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 rF Gaming National Rd04: High Point 2:07.218Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 rF Gaming National Rd05: Muddy Creek 1:54.406Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 rF Gaming National Rd08: Millville 2:20.578Andreas Bergstrom | NOR | OPEN
2016 rF Gaming National Rd10: Unadilla 2:20.773Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 Supercross Rd 02 - San Diego 0:56.453Brandon Cocroft | Never Summer Industries
2016 Supercross Rd 09 - Daytona 1:29.679Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016 Supercross Rd 12 - Santa Clara 0:45.023Austin Ecklund
2016 Supercross Rd 15 - Boston 1:03.179Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Supercross Rd 16 - East Rutherford 0:51.031Lewis Lynds | Looking For A Team
2016 Supercross Rd 17 - Las Vegas 1:10.914Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 Supercross Test Track: Barrington Acres V1 1:03.265Luke Heberlein | SplitFire
2016 SX Madness Series - Rd 1 - Vegas 1:25.921Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2016 SX Madness Series - Rd 2 - Phoenix 1:09.546Andreas Bergstrom | MGX
2016 SX Madness Series - Rd 3 - Daytona 1:34.054Andreas Bergstrom | MGX
2016 World MXSGP Rd01 - Losail 2:13.875Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd02 - Valkenswaard 2:11.500Kieran Evans | AML Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd05 - Kegums 1:44.601Andreas Bergstrom | SparkMoto
2016 World MXSGP Rd06 - Teutschenthal 1:37.164Valtteri Tiainen | VPC
2016 World MXSGP Rd09 - Saint Jean d'Angely 2:05.093Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2016 World MXSGP Rd10 - Matterley Basin 1:49.859Lewis Lynds | Amateur BTO Sports
2016.MXSCircuit.Rd1.MX207 2:12.437Andreas Bergstrom | Privateer
2017 Acadia Raceway 1:35.367Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd01 - Losail 1:48.937Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 EMF World MXSGP rd03 - Neuquen 1:50.109Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd06 - Valkenswaard 1:51.429Rasmus Balzer | Cycle Trader Yamaha
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd09 - Ernee 1:58.085Lewis Lynds | TMFR
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd10 - Orlyonok 1:50.257Enzo Boutigny | Stance
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd14 - Lommel 2:04.531Lewis Lynds | TMFR
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd17 - WW Ranch 1:41.179Brodie James | NovaGFX
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd18 - Assen 1:46.054Logan Leitzel | Architech
2017 EMF World MXSGP Rd19 - Villars ss Ecot 1:33.031Ham And Cheese Toasty
2017 Motul MX Nationals - Round 1 - Wonthaggi 1:58.710Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 MXS Italian Championship Rd 03: Giavera 2:12.929Austin Ecklund | New Advanced Who Dis
2017 MXS Italian Championship Rd 08: Paroldo 1:56.945Lewis Lynds | MV Films/Aspect Visual Co
2017 rF Gaming National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:10.671Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
2017 rF Gaming National Rd04: Highpoint 1:56.640Logan
2017 rF Gaming National Rd05: Muddy Creek 1:50.750Logan Leitzel | Architech
2017 rF Gaming National Rd06: Red Bud 2:20.195Michael Buitendijk
2017 rF Gaming National Rd09: Washougal 2:26.617Chase Blakely | BPC
2017 Shred Bud 4:03.875Andreas Bergstrom | Stance/DRT
2017 Supercross Rd 01 - Anaheim 1 1:15.492Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 02 - San Diego 0:57.898Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 03 - Anaheim 2 1:04.351Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 04 - Phoenix 1:03.945Dennis Fjeldberg | MadCape
2017 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland 1:00.367Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 06 - Arlington 0:53.187Dennis Fjeldberg | MadCape
2017 Supercross Rd 07 - Minneapolis 0:57.070Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 08 - Atlanta 1:01.671Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 09 - Toronto 1:02.085Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 10 - Daytona 1:27.101Ben Lake
2017 Supercross Rd 11 - Indianapolis 0:54.179Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 12 - Detroit 0:56.140Logan Leitzel | TM-Factory Racing EU
2017 Supercross Rd 13 - St. Louis 1:03.335Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 14 - Seattle 0:58.437Rasmus Balzer | Cycle Trader Yamaha
2017 Supercross Rd 15 - Salt Lake City 0:47.640Lewis Lynds | MV Films
2017 Supercross Rd 16 - East Rutherford 1:00.148Baby Jewel | Relax Attire
2017 Supercross Rd 17 - Las Vegas 1:09.546Lewis Lynds | TMFR
2017 Supercross Round 1 - Anaheim 1:14.531Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
2017 TFR SX CUP RD4 CGMXS ESX BY CONCEPTGRAFFMXS 1:38.695Jason Helm | Transmoto
2018 Australian Supercross : Round 1 1:27.445Michael Buitendijk | Why tf you cum so fast
2018 BPC SX Training Grounds 1:30.015Jay Turner | Transmoto
2018 Briarcliff MX 1:14.218Michael Buitendijk
2018 Catfish Haven Sx 0:49.875Michael Buitendijk | Dried Strawberries
2018 European CUP Rd03: Veldhoven 1:45.796Lewis Lynds | Architech
2018 European CUP Rd05: Dorno 2:19.203Tony Leger |
2018 Forgotten Raceway - EZDecals 2:23.804Lewis Lynds | Architech
2018 JPD : ShredVilla 1:36.601Matias Janice | MV Films
2018 JPD : TavellaBrosRacing ArenaCross : Tampa 0:40.640Michael Buitendijk
2018 Martin Mx 1:53.453Michael Buitendijk
2018 Milestone Sx 0:52.265Tyler Lang | Relaxed & Retired
2018 Monster Energy Cup 1:11.000Jacob Holgersson | Hitcase
2018 Motovated Arenacross - MEGA STYLE 2:07.859Lewis Lynds | Relax Attire
2018 Muddy Creek Practice 2:09.726Lewis Lynds | Architech
2018 MXSEMF National Rd01: Hangtown - Erode Test 3 2:13.820Michael Buitendijk
2018 MXSEMF National Rd02: Glen Helen 2:23.648Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
2018 MXSEMF National Rd03: Thunder Valley 2:11.578Michael Buitendijk
2018 MXSEMF National Rd05: Muddy Creek 1:53.539Seth Jones | LCQ Studios
2018 MXSEMF National Rd06: Southwick Practice 2:44.859Michaelangelo Buitendijk
2018 MXSEMF National Rd07: Red Bud 2:09.125Alexis Leclair |
2018 MXSEMF National Rd08: Millville 3:13.625Lewis Lynds | It's coming home
2018 MXSEMF National Rd10: Unadilla 2:29.773Lewis Lynds | Herb
2018 MXSEMF National Rd12: Ironman 2:04.757Lewis Lynds | Jumanji 2
2018 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Race 0:46.109Anonymous
2018 Supercross Rd 02 - Houston 0:55.265Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 03 - Anaheim 0:58.195Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 05 - Oakland 0:55.171Dennis Fjeldberg | MadCape
2018 Supercross Rd 06 - San Diego 0:57.718Tyler Lang | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 08 - Tampa 0:55.953Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
2018 Supercross Rd 09 - Atlanta 0:54.718Connor Lynds | Architech
2018 Supercross Rd 12 - Indianapolis 0:50.562Jeremy Smith | TBR
2018 Supercross Rd 13 - Seattle 0:53.054Clintos | Transmoto
2018 Supercross Rd 17 - Las Vegas 1:06.500joao victor
2018 Tavella Gang MX 2:31.140Dylan Cavaciuti/IG dc_284
2018 TRACE RACING 1:20.968Lewis Lynds | Relax Attire
2018 WildWood MX 1:31.054Jay Turner
2019 Brazilian Nationals Rd 05: Timbo 1:34.281Michael Buitendijk
2019 Ignite Co. Compound MX 2:45.023Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd01: Neuquen 1:46.664Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd06: Kegums 1:40.367Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd08: Loket 1:46.742Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd09: Lommel 2:01.867Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd10: Imola 1:32.828Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming National Rd02: Fox Raceway 1:39.992Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming National Rd02: Fox Raceway Rough 1:43.414Michael Buitendijk
2019 rF Gaming National Rd09: Washougal 2:31.640Michael Buitendijk
2019 RivalInk MX Nationals Rnd:03- Broadford 1:36.671Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
2019 St.Jude Round 2 - WhiskeyRow 2:02.406Anthony Twidle | Privateer
2019 St.Jude Round 3 - Pomeroy Facility 1:56.304Connor Lynds | Architech
2019 St jude Series RD1; BCMX Vossi Bop Raceway 1:46.734Jannik Mueller | BPC
2019 Supercross Rd 01 - Anaheim 1:00.570Michael Buitendijk | u cant see me
2019 Supercross Rd 02 - Glendale 1:11.515Kieran Evans | Hitcase
2019 Supercross Rd 06 - Minneapolis 1:14.148Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
2019 Supercross Rd 07 - Arlington 0:55.070Lewis Lynds | AektivCo | LTF
2019 Supercross Rd 16 - East Rutherford 0:59.382Michael Buitendijk
2019 Tampa Mx 1:16.867Michael Buitendijk
2019 The Sand Track 2:03.570washed up gear maker
AMA National: Unadilla - Erode Test 1 2:20.882Janik Shrouder | Larry Enticer Enterprises
AmazingGwada 1:43.085Jay Turner
Archview MX Park 1:28.085Ben Lake
BAC: 2019 RVMX Cup 2:03.484Michael Buitendijk
Barcia's House MX 2:21.046Austin Bear | Savij KTM
BCMX: 2018 sx rd9 atlanta 0:59.750Lewis Lynds | MV Films
BCMX: El Chuba Cabra 2:33.968nba slim jesus
BCMX: Flow Valley 2:07.171Justin Smedley | TM-Factory Racing EU
Beaumont MX '09 2:14.921Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
BGFX: Forest MX 2:14.140jeffrey wilmart | Mx Riders France
BigD Local Track 1:35.609Jay Turner
Blewitt Springs 2:25.828Jon Musche
BlockPound 2017 - MX 1:49.851Austin Ecklund |
Blue Mountain's MX 2016 2:22.257Kieran Evans | AML Racing
Blue Quarry MX 1:43.992Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
BPC Supercross Facility - SX 1:04.398metro boomin
Bridgestone Mx 1:26.250Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Carson Road MX Facility - Full MX 2:58.414Grant Harlan | TM Factory-Racing
CDTW: Monster Mountain Classic - presented by TMFR 2:36.968Lewis Lynds | MV Films/Aspect Visual Co
Colt's Backyard #freecolt 1:22.015Michael Buitendijk
Colton Haaker's Backyard 2:20.945Erik Haugness | Stance
Coronet Bay 2:09.804jay turner | wii sports
County Fair MX 2 0:47.390Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
Cypress Hollows 2:01.257Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
DelbSX 1:07.406Rasmus Balzer | Race Nation Designs
Desert Cove Raceway 1:36.523Michael Buitendijk
Dilla Prepped 2:11.757jay turner | transmoto
Dirt bike track 2016 3:05.757Kieran Evans | AML Racing
Drip SX 1:12.820Lewis Lynds |
FadedMX Series: FadedMX Park Rd. 1 2:07.617Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
FAMmx MotoEstate - SX 1:33.093Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
FAMmx MotoVilla - Motocross Track 2:07.531nickname bants
Ferzacca Sx Compound v2 Track 1 0:53.023Lewis Lynds |
Ferzacca Sx Compound v2 Track 2 0:54.023Michael Buitendijk
Ferzacca Sx Compound v2 Track 3 1:13.171Michael Buitendijk
FiftyFive 2:34.109Anthony Twidle
Finger Lakes MX Park 1:23.539Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Flatlands MX 1:52.765Michael Buitendijk
Foggy Creek MX 2:07.171Kieran Evans | United
Glazed MX 2:01.445Austin Ecklund
Glen Canyon Enduro 14:26.296Lewis Lynds | TMFR
Glen Helen Practice - v3 2:27.406Kieran Evans | Hitcase Kawasaki
GotlandGrandNationals - Lidman Edition 11:10.265Lewis Lynds | MV Films
Gotland Grand Nationals 2018 12:53.671Freddy Karlsson | Hitcase
Heckman Productions Compound: Dirt SX 1:13.132Lewis Lynds | MXVice
Herrick's Compound 1:36.828Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
HFA-MX-RD2 1:50.882Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
HFA-SAND-MX 2015 2:13.929Kieran Evans | AML Racing
Holiday Hills 3:20.765Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
HomeSX 1:09.320Michael Buitendijk
Honda Supercross Test Track 0:58.062James Parkin | TM-Factory Racing EU
Hostile Hills 1:54.656Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
Hurricane Hills 2015 1:56.695Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
idk.JGMX: Milfville 2:40.835Lewis Lynds | Grants sponsor
Jeremy's Practice SX 2:04.070Aaron Stackhouse| AML Racing
JGMX: 2016 Fun Track 1:55.250Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
JGMX: 2016 Mountain Side MX 1:04.750Kieran Evans | Amatuer BTO Sports
JGMX: Grassy Knoll MX 1:49.140Kieran Evans | AML Racing
JGMX: Greef Compound 1:58.609Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
JGMX: Localcross RD1: Dirt Valley MX Park 2:27.546Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
JGMX: Localcross RD2: Italian GP 2:24.890Lewis Lynds | Looking For A Team
JGMX: Localcross RD4: Pine Lined Raceway 1:55.937Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
JGMX: Milfville 1:51.601Garrett Olver
JGMX: Motoagogo Compound MX 2:04.718Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
JGMX: Not a Stock Track Raceway 1:46.906Lewis Lynds | TMFR
JGMX: Outlaws MX 1:53.000Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
JGMX: Realistic Litte Testie 1:12.781Luke Heberlein | SplitFire
JGMX: 2:17.328Alex Eriksson
JGMX: Tier 1 Designs MX 1:18.882Kieran Evans | AML Racing
JGSX: Stewart's 2018 SX Test Track 0:59.875Matias Janice | MV Films
JGSX: STR8 Rythm RD1 0:39.703Oliver Gjerding | Privateer
JGSX: STR8 Rythm RD2 0:41.828Fredrik Pepperoni
JPD : 2018 Tavella Bros Raceway 1:55.023Michael Buitendijk
JPD : Sand Pit Battlegrounds 0:21.984Harry White | TMFR
JPDMDcompoundSX 0:52.187Alex Eriksson |JPD/MD
JPDMDeveningride 1:56.718Andreas Bergstrom | JPD/MD
JPDMDRaceway 1:55.125Andreas Bergstrom | NOR | OPEN
JPDMDstraightrythm 0:30.726Alex Eriksson | JPD/MD
JS-Racing-Compound MX 1:49.054Jarad Lunsford | SCR | Lavalette Cycles'
Just Another Straight Rhythm 0:28.593Oliver Gjerding | 5 Eleven Designs
Katrineholm-KMCC 1:42.789Lewis Lynds | Looking For A Team
KaWorkz: 2017 Trap Land (Big Girl Stella!) 1:31.148Andreas Bergstrom | Stance/DRT
Kingluc MX Park 2:40.515Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Krispy's Compound 2:50.062Ricky Ferrell | Goon
lelystad 1:46.242Michael Buitendijk
Lodge Forest MX 2:37.117Harry White
Look Alive Racing Compound | Motocross 2:16.656Lewis Lynds
Mantova - Starcross 2009 2:13.679Chris Hamilton | Privateer
McLille 2:03.054Erik Haugness | JPD/MD
Milang Raceway 3:28.445Lewis Lynds | Relax Attire
MJsx Rd 02 - Plattsburg 1:03.289Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Motorama 2016 0:20.398Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
MotoTech Husqvarna Compound 2:10.757Harry White | Privateer
mxindoor 0:43.148Alex Eriksson | MDC | Kryckan2
Niklas Sandbox Supercross 1:01.359Alanas Saulys | TMFR
Oatfield Mx 2019 1:29.281Tyler Lang | MV Films
Papi's Avalanche Elim 2:31.859Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
Papi's volcano elim raceway 2:29.015Michael Buitendijk
Peneman Moon 2019 1:25.351Anthony Twidle | Privateer
Perry's Dreamland Motocross 2:19.195Lewis Lynds | MV Films/Aspect Visual Co
Pinned Town 2:12.539Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Pottawattamie MX Park 1:42.460Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Premium Motospodes/Aesthetic Technology Ranch Summer MX 2:35.859Michael Buitendijk | u cant see me
PrestonDocksMotocross 2:08.328Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
RandyRaceway 2:20.640Andreas Bergstrom | JPD/MD
RedBull STR 2018 0:53.015Anonymous
RedCrestMX 1:35.156Lewis Lynds | TMFR
RiverSideMX 1:43.109Michael Buitendijk
Sanday 2.0 4:17.257Austin Ecklund
Sand Training Facility 1:48.992Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
Shale Valley Raceway 2017 2:32.421Lewis Lynds | TMFR
Sky Fall MX 1:52.710Anthony Twidle | Privateer
SkyMadness rd.6 - Practice 2:48.882Lewis Lynds | Architech
SpringEdgeMX 2:20.398Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
StJudesRND2 - Burnsville MX by Checkerz448 1:47.132Lewis Lynds | AML Racing
TavellaBrosRacing Dreamland 2:18.960Lewis Lynds | Architech
TCD Hummelo de Heksenplas 2017 Replica 2:29.539Austin Ecklund | DRT
Team ACR Training Facility Mx Daytime 7:23.281Noah Mickelson
Team ACR Training Facility Straight Rhythm Nighttime 0:24.117Michael Buitendijk | u cant see me
The Friday after Next Friday MX 2018 - Not a Tavella Bro Track 1:36.851Michael Buitendijk | Walmart
The Underground Compound 2019 2:01.187Michael Buitendijk
Timber Hills 1:23.484Lewis Lynds | TM-Factory Racing EU
Unadilla Erode Practice Race 2:21.187Sean Klein | Evergood
Unadiller 2017 2:15.406Michael Buitendijk | Walmart
VlastMX: 2019 Indianapolis Supercross 0:51.445Michael Buitendijk | Why tf you cum so fast
VlastMX: AF22 Compound 2:22.312lionel spaeth | Spirit | 638
VlastMX: Harris Hills 2:17.664Michael Buitendijk
VlastMX: Harris Hills "Revamped" 2:17.265Michael Buitendijk
VlastMX: The Moses Ranch 1:40.609payson johnson
VlastMX: Track Farm : Motocross 2:08.953Freddy Karlsson | Hitcase
VT- All-In 3:02.312Erik Haugness | Azote`D
WCTD: Amber Hills 1:31.046Michael Buitendijk
WDMX: Test Facility 1:12.726Lewis Lynds | Architech
Widowmaker 0:18.070Kieran Evans | Amatuer BTO Sports
Wilbertree Flat 1:31.164Lewis Lynds | Gibraltar
Windcott 2:25.078Jay Turner | Free Agent
Winter SX 0:54.218James Parkin | Kumlin Suspension
WW Ranch 2:15.914Trent Sheppard | XfinityMx
WW Ranch 2017 2:48.593jay turner | transmoto
X Games Austin - Endurocross 1:22.507Alex Eriksson |*** Swedish Match
Yolo.Reed22 2:58.929Viktor | The kids racing


1100.00*13Maximus White | Need a team
2100.00*4Jeremy Smith | TBR
3100.00*226Jack Lea | Rogue Designs
4100.00*765Benjamin Saves | Limited Decal
5100.00*134Jonathan Hughes | JHDesigns
6100.00*10Nathan Kennett | Rival ink | #RipX
9100.00*32Brett Falvey | Holly Tek
10100.00*58Fredrik Langagergaard | PlusRedSX
11100.00*198Sam Sorensen | MrMX198 |
12100.00*222Andrew Peakman
13100.00*418henry bird/privateer
14100.00*932Florent Lambillon | JIBR/Skullcandy
15100.00*747@carter_sauce47 | WCP Racing
16100.00*128Junior Benevides | DirtMX
17100.00*24Cole Sellers| Matrix Concepts Racing
18100.00*983Alexander Eriksson
19100.00*597Wikstrom I VRW Racing Team
20100.00*105shane donlon | MRK racing
22100.00*842Tyler Harris | ANSR Racing
23100.00*225Dylan Cox | Looking For Team
24100.00*38Garrett Stice // Vlast MX
25100.00*182Aymeric FOURRIER |
26100.00*33James Armstrong | MadCape
28100.00*817Leynes Wandrey / Backyard GFX
29100.00*443Hayden Grimes | RockyMountainAtv/Mc
30100.00*284Thomas McBain | MMD Racing
31100.00*621Andreas M| Privateer
32100.00*728MURRAY-MX7 Racing Team
34100.00*33Brandan Allen | MotoPlex Designs
35100.00*138Jordan Shaheen | MOTO1
36100.00*325Martin Lundquist | STANCE
38100.00*504 Aaron Tripoli | Dead Meat Racing
40100.00*85Jeremy Duverge | #85
42100.00*183Allyn Brooks #StandWithScotty
43100.00*127Hugh Janus | SPINC
44100.00*94Tyler L. Schmidt | TBR
45100.00*194Riley Moran | PanicRev
46100.00*244Spencer King | I Ride Them Dirt Scoots
47100.00*559Jake Jones
48100.00*443Nick "Robot Man" Pomeroy / 2017 DirtShark
49100.00*917Greg McAtee
50100.00*35Diego Spinazzi #35| "Style"
52100.00*100Emilien Mabru||Skouad Creation
53100.00*221Brett Thomas
54100.00*540Semb|Biltema Badboys
55100.00*122Trevor DiBasilio | Motopro Graphics
56100.00*36bFisher Z. | Flyin Fish Racin
57100.00*529Scott Hopson |Team S&R 529
58100.00*132Diogo Pereira
59100.00*49Tony Fuckin Campos
61100.00*44Tom Giambrone
62100.00*418Blair Howard | Seven Yamaha
63100.00*120Mack Spokes | ADDGFX
64100.00*151Dylan Mecalis | Voltage
65100.00*31Robbie Good | TLD Kawasaki
67100.00*351Jared Polley/Mid-state Motorsports Husqvarna
68100.00*62Seth Inabinet
69100.00*115AJ Green|Privateer
70100.00*61Luc Hertault / MxRF / LoOnyZz
71100.00*217J-Money217 | Vertex Husqvarna
72100.00*179Kristian Baso | Rival Decal
73100.00*509Bodie - LSO
74100.00*Blu Reeves
75100.00*244Brock Landry | OB KTM
76100.00*Noah Mickelson
77100.00*82Keegan Thomas | RSA Racing
78100.00*866Tom Guyon | Tm Racing France
79100.00*22Jay Siviter | 22 | Looking For A Team
80100.00*800Erin Rockafellow |
81100.00*58seth petersen | valve FC
82100.00*15Stephane Guido | Architech
83100.00*853Leo Ozel | cherche team
84100.00*249Jacob Hampton
85100.00*78Logan Coolman
86100.00*445Quenot Luca| Skouad Creation |
87100.00*116Roy Cuijpers | KBdesign
88100.00*336Erik Lange | Backyard Designs #GER
89100.00*396Charles Gable | DRT
90100.00*410Oliverson Jockson | MxGR
91100.00*3Ows454|122 motorsports
92100.00*29metro boomin
93100.00*115Jacob Blizzard | Tweaked Moto
94100.00*94Luke Lawhorn | Looking for team
95100.00*44Tyson Craig
96100.00*330joao victor
98100.00*21Jake Carter | RevLimiter
99100.00*63Marcondes Feitosa'
100100.00*10Valtteri Tiainen | VPC
101100.00*177Matt Killips | Tapped Media
102100.00*973Paul Vieira Da Silva|MxRF
103100.00*304Brent Hunt
105100.00*741Kirill Nikitin | Yakhnich Motorsport
107100.00*75Mike Stralo I DX3
108100.00*794Tyron Beverley
109100.00*Kevin Hunion / Team KOM99
110100.00*777Jerome Godbout | JFG Racing
111100.00*929Brock Franklin|Toca Time Racing
112100.00*47Tyler Fogarasi | Fogarasi racing
113100.00*Cyril Serreau
114100.00*5Roman Jaworsky
115100.00*811JT Dee | RockyMountainATV/MC
116100.00*222Shawn Smith | Virok Racing #222
117100.00*Kasper Laustsen | Horizon Racing #532
118100.00*28Harvey Isborne/Vesper Motorsports
119100.00*48Kael Broersma | Trojan Racing
120100.00*824NickyB | MXL Racing
121100.00*595Roy Dikkeboer | RT Designs
123100.00*287Josh clark/Yellow Magic Racing Team
124100.00*871Enzo Boutigny | Stance
125100.00*700Fred Ascenzi | DTR Racing
126100.00*696iboofedurmom hard
127100.00*135Triston Judd | Crisp Designs
128100.00*592gustafsson | Yamaha Troy lee design
12994.74*244David Debeaulieu
13092.31*122Brandon Eenink
13191.89*45Rico de Laat
13291.67*142Marcus Beasley | Take It Twice Racing
13390.91*420Jeremy Kinson | Need Team
13490.91*10Sean Klein | Evergood
13590.00*177Brodie James | NovaGFX
13690.00*148Trent Sheppard | Sinned Clothing
13788.89*500Janik Schroeter | Skullcandy
13888.89*114Anton Stenberg
13988.24*41Matias Janice | MV Films
14087.50*259Alanas Saulys | TMFR
14187.50*322Alex Divoley
14287.50*436Kodi Saunderson | MMD Racing
14387.50*829Adrien Saguez Dridri l Clever School
14487.50*808Seth Garrett | VlastMX
14587.10*3Dennis Fjeldberg | HitCase
14686.96*317Ruben Kuilder
14785.71*14Travis Fogarasi
14885.71*22Tobias Baier
14985.71*223Nicholas Robinson
15085.71*800Dyke Alessi
15185.71*822Matteo Sabina
15285.71*127Anthony Picchione | SPINC |
15385.29*325Colten Savage | LMR Kawasaki | @Csavage322
15484.96208Garrett Olver | BPC
15584.62*177Jannik Blume | BLUME RACING
15683.33*137Brandon Cocroft | Likewise Gaming
15783.33*946Matt Bower | IG: @Moto.Fails
15883.33*106Troy Jones
15983.33*315Josh Mehrtens twitch/itsFEK
16083.33*103Daniel Cooper | RFX KTM
16183.33*400Zach Cohen
16283.33*263Riley Hunt - ITS COMING HOME!!!
16383.33*26Tanner Rogers |
16483.33*24Jacob Gosche | Privateer(looking for a team)
16583.33*527ANDERS KIRIAL
16683.33*48Dylan Ogilby | Konnect
16783.33*181Jake Thomas | LMR Kawasaki - Its Coming Home
16883.33*228George #228
16983.33*301Jonathan Colson | AMJ Graphixx
17081.25*75Jacob Holgersson | Hitcase
17180.00*984Ricky Williams | MotoStar
17280.00*197Jake Dylan | Take It Twice Racing
17380.00*52David Thierrin | KliX
17580.00*175Michael Wheeler
17680.00*145Niklas Wild | JIBR
17780.00*272Marcus Cox
17978.57*28Luke Heberlein | SplitFire
18078.57*394Johan Bourdieu | CLEVER SCHOOL KID's
18178.38*101Hunter Friesen | looking for the right team
18277.78*108Cornelius | Architech
18377.27*116Maddax Spatafore/Privateer
18476.92*51payson johnson
18576.92*8Grant Bayr | Dumb Bunny Racing
18676.92*79Patrick Hartle #79 | TSD Racing
18776.47*374George Hodkinson | GoodBros Racing
18876.47*100Brandon Roland | MotoSavage
18976.19986Fredrik Pepperoni
19075.00*88Benny Landry | MotoSavage
19275.00*161Jarad Lunsford | Dream Team Honda
19375.00*923Andrew Massart
19475.00*457Kristian Laustsen | Privateer #EndoKing
19575.00*13Chase Blakely | BPC
19675.00*275HUNTER FULLWOOD | #75 | RIDE JBI
19775.00*33Louis Cocquet | MXRF | LC Creations
19875.00*773Kevin Gonzalez | MC Designs
20075.00*101Sergey Kurashev | GFuel Racing
20275.00*638dimfknsim | FarQ Racing
20375.00*94Dominic Cameron|SSR Racing
20475.00*19Elle Boi
20675.00*1Jared Siedhoff | Prime Designs Graphics
20775.00*614christian jonse| A1 suspension
20875.00*13Tyson Johnson | Pornhub Racing
20974.07*40joe botocross
21073.17*27Jose Eduardo
21172.73*1Bill Moynes | JT Designs
21272.73*204Mozart | Limited Decal
21372.50*85Austin Ecklund | BPC
21472.50*24David van Haandel
21572.03390Joe Faggot
21671.64*621Hugo Cressent | MTFactory | Youtube>MxWayGamer
21771.43*221Andrew Lipsett | privateer
21871.43*191Eddie Ozel | PeakOne Designs
22071.43*113Austin Brydges | FastLap Designs
22171.43*155Jordan Crowder | Privateer
22271.43*348pontus lindblad
22371.43*61Connor Vickery | Privateer
22571.43*189Khamar Glover | MGA | Impact
22671.43*143Axel Chotin|Magic Racing
22770.9269Andreas Bergstrom
22870.00*159Luke Cameron | Privateer
22970.00*188Brandon Quigley | CycleWorks Suzuki
23070.00*96Anthony Rouillard|Magic Racing
23169.70*718Kyle Hoover | insta: @khoover718
23269.23*1Connor Lynds | Architech
23369.23*326KyLe ScOtT | kEyStOnE rAcInG
23568.42*288DECELAS Ryan | RD Work
23668.18*919Collin Blakita | BGFX
23766.67*308Tyler Jobe
23866.67*76Frederick Nylund | Adept
23966.67*55Taj Dixon
24066.67*69Uncle Ron
24166.67*851Leon Kastner | Apex Motorsports GER
24266.67*238Tyler Berry
24566.67*567Jason Felkey | Official DeCal Works
24666.67*112Corentin Mary | AMJ Graphixx
24766.67*737Christophe Vander Beken | AMJ Graphixx
24866.67*325Raoul S. Giorgi
24966.67*3XNick Murry
25066.67*136Guus Slot #136
25166.67*74Tony Leger |
25266.67*74Andrade | Power Dream | TTV Andrade74
25466.67*212Maxime Bourut |
25566.67*745Jack Mowry
25666.67*10Braydon Palmeira | Looking For Team
25866.67*95Todd Johansson - Honda International Motorsport
25966.67*74Lionel Spaeth | MotoLab
26066.67*150Robert Quesenberry | PrototypeRacing
26166.67*176Joseph Pilsner | Motion Mx
26266.67*7James Stewart | Youshimura suzuki
26366.67*321Morris Vasser | Northwest Racing
26466.67*917jordan browning| privateer
26566.67*176Jarett Gasque | Tagger Designs/Juul
26666.67*105Jason Thomason |
26766.67*564Kyle Elliot | OLDMATE
26866.67*281Harry Birchmore | Holly Tek Racing
26966.67*41Samuel Roche#41/Suzuki RCH Racing
27066.67*765Will Clark | Halifax Motorsports
27166.67*113Tyler Smith | Privateer
27266.67*399Tom McHugh | Triple M Husky
27366.67*91Caleb McReynolds | Privateer | 91:
27466.67*175Jack Diduch | YouTube Racing
27566.67*55Nathan Aguilar | KDN Racing
27666.67*214Wtf poop duck
27766.67*656Niklas Blume | BLUME RACING
27866.67*211Kohlton Feagin | Cycle Center inc.
27966.67*905Arnold Cobra3hunna | SplitFire SparkPlugs
28066.67*30Justin Brown/Dirty30Racing
28166.67*98Anthone#389#98|Black RedBull Factory|AMProduction|FR|
28266.67*97Collin Davis
28466.67*14zach wood
28666.67*115Ismo Uytdewilligen|GFuel Racing
28766.67*823Jeremy Gwiozdowski | SPINC |
28866.67*715Spencer Burley| FastLap Designs
28966.67*281Lane Pierce | Privateer
29066.67*199Victor Redondo | JAVO Motorsports
29166.67*458Lee Bradley
29266.67*522Eric Kidney 522|Valley Moto shop
29366.29*18Tyler Lang | MV Films
29465.22*46Paul Vieira Da Silva|MxRF|CFS
29565.22*267Etienne Bernard | MTFactory
29664.71*472Carter Greer| Greer Racing Offroad Team
29764.71*385mike obrien|Rogue Racing
29864.29*154Rhys Harris | EBR
29964.29*635Michael Dieringer | Bullfrog Spas | GHR
30064.29*118Seth Jones | LCQ Studios
30163.64*859Alban DUBOIS | XTCFACTORY
30263.64*330Lars Baso | Team Volcom
30463.64*370Zander Bigwood | MMoto Suzuki
30563.64*35Marc Gonzalez |
30763.64*7Alexis Leclair |
30863.16*909Logan Erlewein | MxFactory
30962.50*283Antoine Rabat | MotoLab
31062.50*466Arla Green | LSO
31162.50*778Jakob Hubbard | Vertex Pistons
31262.393Michael Buitendijk
31362.07*27Aymerick DUPONT | MFG Racing
31461.54*573Lane Burkes | LCQ Studios
31661.29*987Hunter Braun
31761.29*133Jakob Hellkvist | Limited Decal
31861.11*738Braiden Ehle | Dabaum Designs
32060.53*732Chris Harper
32160.40275Dennis Kristiansen | Asterisk
32260.00*79Anthony Twidle | Privateer
32460.00*616Henry Feehan | #StandWithScotty
32560.00*117Gaetan Pich | MagicRacing |
32660.00*202Daniel Paz | Looking for team
32760.00*253John Thierrin | Fafa
32860.00*527Zach Howell
32959.67258Oliver Gjerding | Gjerding Designs
33059.405Melvin Bylander | GMA Racing
33159.38*821Valentin Van | Slice Graphic'S
33259.26*156Ryan Larkins | Oktan Racing | SGLProductionsTv
33358.82*11John Sweeney | DELB Moto.
33458.82*22Cody Outlaw |
33558.82*69Kyle Aanonsen | DELB Moto.
33658.82*338nicolas thomas ~FR~ 338
33758.421Austin Bear | Privateer
33858.33*120Dwayne Cusano | FFMX Racing
33958.33*96Jake Heun | Privateer
34058.33*256Jim Charlier
34158.33*63Seb Galea
34258.33*724Kyle Morgan | Fasthouse MX
34358.06*210Lance Ament | RC Graphics
34457.89*153Brad Bower
34657.6725Lewis Lynds | AektivCo
34757.2849Jay Turner
34857.14*447Sascha Jung | SeventySevenDesign
34957.14*22Alec Floyd || Skyline Motorsports
35057.14*994Nolan Serves | MxRF | SL#685
35157.14*455Declan Hutchison | Greef Clothing
35257.14*151Ryan | Privateer
35356.90210Harry White | TMFR
35556.67*1Alexander "AquaZ" Lagerkvist
35656.67*629Harry Craig | jj werts sponsors me
35756.00*100Alexander Ivarsson | Hitcase
35856.00*94Tim Walch
36055.56*20Jon Musche
36155.56*126Jaume Vera | JJCenter Suspensions
36255.56*69Luke Tabor
36355.56*426Jannik Mueller | BPC
36455.56*127Samuel Lane
36555.56*78Brad Smith | Rival ink
36655.36*10Alex Kerr
36755.17*269Robert Wilson | Relax Attire
36855.11676josh edgington
36954.90192Ben Lake
37054.55*243Austen Bennett | Vans | Fuel Clothing Co.
37154.55*851*old beat down ox* murray 851
37254.4873Rasmus Balzer
37354.29*728Connor Hargett | Insta: ch_728
37454.17*312Hayden Stevenson | looking 4 team
37553.85*155Aaron Hall l Architech
37653.85*76James Ohashi | Logodaddy Racing
37753.85*243Permanov Ruslan | Russian Bears
37853.70*761Michael Mudge
37953.68*929[9][2][9]DankyDankerson[Double Dank]
38053.33*529Rhys Hunt | TKMotorsports
38153.33*795Fabien Mercier | RD Work
38253.33*557Logan Toucheque | JIBR/Skullcandy
38352.63*296Michael Diem
38452.63*72Jeff Jenney | GSP Racing
38551.89107Alex Eriksson
38651.88100James Parkin | Cycle Trader Yamaha
38751.85*212Lewis Kay
38850.9970Ryan Turner | Architech
38950.82349Grant Harlan | Barkers r us
39050.4898Jack Gatland | TMFR
39150.00*157Dylan Gatlin
39250.00*363Chris Watts | Split Designs Co.
39350.00*1trenton leveille| wide open riders#1
39450.00*pootyler stepek
39550.00*148Tim Scholtes | Skullcandy
39750.00*117Deegan Bannister | NextLevel Racing
39850.00*875Charlie Razzell | Limited Decal
39950.00*318rudy legeay
40050.00*2Kutter Beavers | 77 Designs
40150.00*9Steven Azarkiewicz | GDR
40350.00*273Carlos Beasley #273
40450.00*383Joey Nielsen | PoGo
40550.00*851Frank Kastermans | MotoTech Yamaha
40650.00*241NATHAN ALFARO
40750.00*153Bryce Foley
40850.00*24Joaquin Morales #Road2Sx
40950.00*212Jake Moszyk | EBR Performance
41050.00*154Jaxson whetstone
41150.00*104Sylvan Canrinus | DVT Media
41250.00*422Reno Brennan | Wildside Designs
41350.00*489Jp emond
41450.00*50Emil brattelin
41550.00*140Ryan Ashman | MMoto Suzuki
41650.00*804Scott Pugh | Privateer
41750.00*465Blake Bishop
41850.00*786nickname bants
41950.00*65Isaiah Dickerson | MV Films
42150.00*45 Brock Chapman | Elite Chassis
42250.00*76Sean Smith | Youtube
42350.00*927ORIGINALS AKA RUBLE DAN #927
42450.00*194Dominic Cameron
42550.00*68Clintos | Transmoto
42650.00*238Linus Andersson | TM Factory-Racing EU
42750.00*11Damon Tavella #11 / Privateer
42850.00*1Eneas / Privateer #1
42950.00*19Ricky Ferrell | United
43050.00*42Corentin Julian | Impact
43150.00*666Kjell Ake Johansson
43250.00*337Robert Bengtson #337 | RR Graphic mx sim team
43350.00*318Ethan Olsen
43450.00*134Gauthier Dubois | MTFactory
43550.00*ragTor MILLA Sandven | navy
43650.00*247vicke Norlander
43750.00*88Dakota Bush
43850.00*buzulier erwan
43950.00*125Logan Newman
44050.00*571Spencer Brooking | TEAMS?
44150.00*433Stuart Cross | Illicit Mx
44250.00*514Koa Scott | MMD Racing
44350.00*99Evade | MX
44450.00*522Dominik Grau #522
44550.00*231Fabien Culot | RD Work
44650.00*817joshua wehrle / Backyard GFX
44750.00*120Jarrett Wright
44850.00*22101 crashes in 1 lap
44950.00*465Ethan Martin| MRK Racing
45050.00*92RauanBrito|Phisics Racing
45250.00*237Xylian Ramella
45350.00*901Egert Veltson | JNR Motorsports
45550.00*312trevor thompson
45650.00*102Carson McNaney | Priviteer
45750.00*928Antoni Castellano | Noni | JnC MOTORS MX | Magic Racing
45850.00*10Marc Marini | Voltage
45950.00*228Maxime NEGREL | CLEVERSCHOOL
46050.00*35Frankie Barna | Fuel Clothing Co.
46150.00*138Arthur Theisen|MFG Racing
46250.00*208Jasper van Gorp
46350.00*984Antonio Garcia|TG Films
46450.00*77Thomas Ball | KFC
46550.00*999Joe Motocross
46650.00*264Garrett Modin| RM Racing
46750.00*22Logan Beede
46850.00*116Ryder Starick | Motopro Graphics
46950.00*37Jordi Prats | TG Films
47050.00*64BradHewitt sixfour
47150.00*758Breakneck #758
47250.00*424Ryan Anderson
47350.00*25Dylan Bartle |
47450.00*662Fonmarty | #662 | MX24 | FR
47550.00*142Billy Kunitz | Team CycleWorks/6D
47650.00*352Adam Sobolik | Goon Wagon Racing
47750.00*149Norlander I VRW Racing Team
47850.00*892Jens Osterman I Race Nation Designs
47950.00*23Lamont Hyde
48150.00*46Lucas Schmidt | SixtyOne Designs
48250.00*441Michael Mullican | Privateer
48350.00*504Matthias Thijsen | Seven MX
48449.5788Freddy Karlsson | PowerDream | #MGLB
48648.78*311Kyle Lane | 4Zero
48747.83357Kieran Evans | Privateer
48847.46*46Daniel van Tetering | Wilvo Yamaha Racing Team
48947.37*37Bryan Kelly | RockyMountainATV/Mc
49047.22*96Witlox #96
49147.06*7Steve Harris | Sinned Clothing
49246.67*351Jack Curtis |
49346.51*471Candy Johnson
49446.30*102Nico 102 FR
49546.15*126Adam Hopwood
49645.24*13Brody Miller
49845.00*3Marini Adrian | Martini 3 | Team BUD RAcing
49945.00*27 Julien Bardet | #27 | Unique Motorsports
50044.9331Erik Haugness | HitCase
50244.44*584HunterD 584 | Attire Racing |
50344.44*322Mads Balzer | Atlas Technologies
50444.44*412Mariano Escobar EBR Team
50544.44*290jeremy monceu / 2 fast
50643.75*923Blake Lyon
50743.18*100Lewis Evans | Privateer
50842.86*385Christoffer Jonsson | TMFR
50942.86*180Ben Toye | GDR
51042.86*717Oscar Manias| JrVisuals
51142.86*422Matt Taylor | Savij KTM
51242.86*199Zac Dowling | Privateer
51342.86*202Connor Wells | Privateer
51442.86*317Jason Stuen||SKR #317
51542.86*169Ryan Stoll | VS Racing
51642.86*stephens | 38 | factory yamaha
51742.86*27Daniel Fencl
51842.44135Axel Hovelius|Looking For A Swedish Team
52042.11*180Ryder Pietro
52142.11*95cody russell
52241.94*60Reece Martin
52341.67*69braden cory|privateer
52441.67*31Alec Horn | Fuel Graphix
52541.67*7Aironas Bukauskas l Race Nation Designs
52641.38*150Jason Helm | Transmoto
52741.18*131Isac Wallin
52840.91*642Robert Fratscher | NEED TEAM
53040.00*273Wyatt Bozarth | NutUp Industries
53140.00*211Timothe Lucas | Powersport
53240.00*109Rowdy Houston
53340.00*71Kane Florian I Magic Racing
53440.00*87chris tedesco | A$AP Mafia
53540.00*227JGMX #4kiska WildSide Designs
53640.00*209Nick Casella
53840.00*724Ryan Bailey | Motion MX
54040.00*67Gavin Derifield | Marcus's Tr0N St0rIeS r @sS
54140.00*003Justin Drew
54240.00*323Logan Mcsweeney
54340.00*262365 Cleanup crew
54440.00*36Loris Modard/2B Yam Racing#36
54540.00*122Michael Bridier\2B Yam Racing#122
54640.00*750JT | FastLap Designs
54740.00*353Theo Charpentier | Cherche TEAM
54840.00*127Trey Northrop|EBR
54940.00*21Florian Monteaud |
55038.89*KYS365 Cleanup crew
55138.46*225Max Spicer| Vs Racing
55338.46*38Jared Brooks
55437.84*556Justin Burdick l KAA Racing
55537.70*209Tim Vogt|TaggerDesignsHonda #209
55637.56606Jack Clasen | Horizon Racing | Jack Clasen on YT
55737.50*505loris troesch|MXFactory|fr! wolfgang
55837.50*292Greg McCann | Raw Rolling Papers
55937.50*490Steven Drew | Split Designs
56037.50*584Fabian Goleo | Biomix
56137.50*520Ernesto cota| Privateer
56337.50*383Kim Persson | Honda International Motosports
56437.50*718Jack Bird
56536.84*26Theo F. | MFG Racing
56636.36*371Chris Little | XFR Motorsports
56736.36*360Chandler Bloxom | NutUp Industries
56836.36*80Kristoffer "Storken" Wenerklang | TMFR
56935.94*353Gavin Sievenpiper
57034.88*112Dominic Saulnier | PoGo
57134.78*695Max Bliss
57234.58115Aaron Stackhouse | Holly Tek Racing
57334.29*211Erin Rockafellow |
57533.33*31Matt Stewart|#31|
57733.33*711Mikey Benedict |
57833.33*777Jeremiah Titus | Privateer
57933.33*96Hacksaw Lodges
58033.33*264Romain ZAMOUM | Privateer
58133.33*999Joe Motocross
58233.33*110Slamsem #110
58333.33*381Tyler "Bubblebath" Horvath |
58433.33*11brandan sanders/d.m designs/#11
58533.33*391Cole Heberlein | SplitFire
58633.33*143matthew alfaro
58733.33*711Justin Harper | NextLevel Racing
58933.33*213Blake Chisholm | A$AP Mafia
59033.33*742Garrett Hollenbeck | Relax Attire
59133.33*91Braden Carter | Nike Moto
59333.33*865Jett Wisdom | WT Racing
59433.33*394Walker Adams | Team Sakai Racing
59533.33*704Deric McConnell | privateer
59633.33*128Dom Picchione | SPINC |
59833.33*399Logan Seese
59933.33*78Dylan Aguilar | KDN Racing
60033.33*27Arminas Jasikonis | TMFR
60133.33*302Mikkel Enevoldsen|XFR Motorsports
60233.33*RipAlex Cunningham | #BrokenBack #Myfriendsaemuu
60333.33*525leo seugnet
60533.33*70Jake Rose |
60633.33*293geoffrey tremerie|searching team for outdoors
60833.33*922Dylan Brard | Privateer
60933.33*717Dakota French | DeCal Works
61033.33*514Dalton | SplitDesigns
61133.33*138Tanner Dean
61233.33*873Dale Mullins | Transmoto
61333.33*88jacob walker l faction mx
61433.33*88Oskar Romberg | MXS-Germany
61533.33*65Mike Donovan #65 | Dr. Dew Racing
61632.35*102Riley Kincaid | Wide Open Riders #102
61732.00*247rocky arson
61831.58*319Toe Fugier | Five Design's
61931.25*48David Graf
62031.25*Markus Krawczyk
62130.77*160Ethan Gerst | EBR | WE LIVE AT
62230.43*136Lars Richter | BLUME RACING
62330.43*347Zech Forsythe | Preme Decals
62529.03*18erwan dupre !Five Design's
62628.57*12Jake Kazarian | Emerald Kawasaki
62728.57*832Johann Letestu| CLEVER SCHOOL
62828.57*314Anton Andersson | Limited Decal
62928.57*31Ryan Hudson|Privateer
63028.57*738Jeremy Mowry
63128.57*523Dylan Creedon | Greef Clothing
63228.57*23Alex Eggleston|ARA Racing|#23
63328.57*242Josh Collins | Limited Decal
63427.27*84 damien pineau/spinn5
63527.27*220Patrick Klein Baltink | DVT Media
63626.67*509Orlando Garza| GYTR Yamaha
63726.32*20 colby egeland <> relax attire
63826.09*190Martin Haakenstad
63926.09*303Caden Herch |
64125.00*299Trevor Burns | Motoplayground
64225.00*727Colin Moore | Kickstart Racing
64325.00*85Hazz Mazz|I Make Skins
64425.00*43Cameron Lee | MadCape
64525.00*115Eli Block | SAVIJ KTM
64625.00*259Maicky Valet | MaaC Racing
64725.00*Max Day l JMZ Racing
64825.00*59Reid Young
64925.00*Zach Ufimzeff l JMZ Racing
65025.00*42Deegan Hepp
65125.00*624Ryan Neale | MMoto Suzuki
65225.00*4Dean Caudill #4 | IG- @Moto.Fails
65325.00*38Ben Seaburg | RFX KTM
65425.00*72Adrian Wilson | Savij KTM
65525.00*956Sandqvist I VRW Racing
65623.81*17Dany Thiery | Slice Graphic'S
65723.46917viktor eklof
65823.33*366Johannes Persson #366
65923.33*wehJack Rogers|odisey mx
66023.08*904Justen Cate
66123.08*100Nick Brown
66223.08*50Lionel Suchorab
66322.22*324sam larsen
66521.74*195Dar Bolicki | Rockstar Husqvarna Mechanic
66621.43*118Daniel Snow | RC Graphics
66721.43*26jaden wilson | nutup industries
66821.43*33Caleb Landgrebe | CYSP
66921.43*242Jamie Smith
67021.43*338Ben White | Whites Transport Racing
67121.05*380jacob glenn
67221.05*197Danny Fox
67320.00*30Jesper bye
67520.00*17Chris Sweeney | DELB Moto.
67620.00*427Brandon Wolfe | Hitcase
67720.00*231Markus Olsson | TMFR
67820.00*118Trey Ellis
67920.00*919Doug Bauer | Goon Wagon Racing
68020.00*102Oliver Albertsen
68220.00*817Anton Carlsson | LMR Kawasaki
68320.00*221Mike Boyd | Powered By Pot
68420.00*196Scott Gengler | Limited Decal
68520.00*26Nick Sellahn | Backyard GFX #lol
68620.00*349Lewis Hayward | KPR
68720.00*718Bo VanWyngarden
68820.00*53Morgi Fabreguettes | TECHMOTO
68920.00*76Seth Beal
69119.3976Dillon Jayne
69218.18*98Tim Aarntzen | ART/Racecraft Decals
69318.18*206Tallon Coane | / RivalInk
69418.18*64Nash Cooke | EBR | #64
69518.18*989Nevala 989
69617.65*103Jake Rassa | Privateer
69716.67*418Daniel Nolasco | Privateer
69816.67*450Logan Boettcher
69916.67*304Justin Smedley | TM-Factory Racing
70016.67*229Logan Hughes
70116.67*200Cody Cheers
70216.67*51Reece Comas
70316.67*634REMO SCHUDEl
70516.67*29Thomas Stead | Grf Label
70616.67*58Tucker Yielding
70814.29*320Brady Jones
70914.29*99Ethan Middleton #99 | Venom Racing
71014.29*222Sam Stephen | Rival Ink
71114.29*338SnS|Wiley Phillips
71214.29*174Rene Rosin | Limited Decal
71314.29*523Lennard Moellenhoff
71414.29*329Brice Boswell | AML Racing
71514.29*20Ryan Friedly\Motorex\20/20 Air
71614.29*155Alessio Ciani | RockyMountainATV/Mc
71713.64*32Jonas Lindhagen
71813.64*879Anton Karlsson
72012.50*269Andrew Kawyn | Eleven10 Mods
72112.50*502Ethan Holland | MH Designs
72211.11*646Esten Gagnas | Adidas Motorsports
72310.00*948Alex Griffiths | Hitachi ASA KTM
7249.86*876Blake Herzog | Fueled by Beer
7259.76*15Chris Hamilton | Privateer
7269.09*353Jonas Comfort | AML Racing
7279.09*34Pnut Dilley | Trojan Racing
7296.25*142Turd Ferguson
7315.88*116Albin Linden
7320.00*511Stefan Loomes
7330.00*428Dunn Charbonneau
7340.00*420Andy Bojo
7360.00*56Sammy Sprinklers | motoplayground
7370.00*998Max Nordh
7380.00*159Lee Wharton #159
7410.00*11Ryan Widmaier | Privateer
7420.00*572Carlo Pelle | MagicRacing
7430.00*416ThomasLama|LM Racing|
7450.00*115Arnaud Clause | AMJ Graphixx
7460.00*6Sam Hawes | Privateer
7470.00*56Brayden Moncrief|56
7480.00*167Conner McLachlan/priveteer
7490.00*15Devin Ryan | Relax Attire
7500.00*2Justin Sanders | T.A.B. Productions#2
7510.00*Fuckin Squid #Cut4Bieber
7520.00*151Bryan Johnson
7530.00*36AUSTIN SCHAFER team sobmx
7540.00*966Julien Toucheque | JMC Motorsports
7570.00*94luke lawhorn/ TBR racing
7580.00*57Felix Anderlund
7590.00*364Cody Penwell | Fammx Designs
7610.00*108Dustin Tipton | TLD kTm Founder
7620.00*40Olle Freij | Roost Mx
7630.00*131Guilherme Cabral | DirtMX
7640.00*9Steven Mitchell | Privateer
7650.00*771Maxim Scherbakov
7670.00*194Stuart Gengler | Limited Decal
7680.00*475Xavier Elkins | WT Racing
7690.00*30i am a scrub
7700.00*52Labis | S.S. Downs
7710.00*454Mehdi Kennouda | RT Factory
7730.00*172Kevin van den Broek
7740.00*25Tryston Pullin | PornHub Racing
7750.00*156Alexis DARTUS
7760.00*426Benji Spurgeon | @Moto.Fails Owner
7770.00*36Brittan Lees | Waxed Racing
7780.00*511Moto Agogo | Team Ewok 2.0
7790.00*31Jay Felix | Looking For Team
7800.00*23Wrider Robb | Prime Design Graphics
7810.00*317Cody B
7820.00*252straight up whip
7830.00*Dalton//NBD Int Kawashi
7840.00*570Christian Lien | Privateer
7850.00*580Solomon Khalife | 201 Productions
7860.00*97Sophia Diamond | Taken
7870.00*103Jake Bedford | SPRC
7880.00*118Kyle Howard | Troy Lee Designs Kawasaki
7890.00*282Dan Webb
7900.00*10Louis Bunday
7910.00*393Brady Klemm | Privateer
7920.00*15Luca Gosetto/ Dirt Decals
7930.00*123Aiden Coleman| XFR Motorsports
7940.00*179Shane bissanti | mowin the air racin
7950.00*623Keith Cremeans | SCR | Lavalette Cycles'
7960.00*39luc perrot
7970.00*214david bradley|addition builders
7980.00*235Dylan | SplitDesigns
7990.00*134Alessio Ciani | PowerDream
8000.00*40Dalton Spooner| MRK Racing
8010.00*37Ryan Mahan | SplitFire SparkPlugs
8020.00*28Christian Costalas | FCR Suspension
8040.00*138Jordan Shaheen |
8050.00*936Bruno Gouttesoulard | Team AmbArA
8060.00*150Moto_lyfestyle | MotoLyfe industries
8070.00*397Matthew Sanders | Team Sam's Club
8080.00*13Dray Smith | Fuel Graphix
8090.00*295Tyler Morin
8100.00*5Adam Crews | Likewise Gaming
8110.00*167Blake O'Brien | Flat Track Racing
8120.00*622James Fryer | LSO Racing
8130.00*171Alexandre Nonnez
8140.00*744Dean Reymen
8150.00*828Bryce Martin | Privateer
8180.00*4Martin Hanssen | Team Yamaha
8190.00*860Ryder Remenik
8200.00*95Johnny Mcclorey
8210.00*622Matt Vince 622
8220.00*322Jordan M
8240.00*Jamie Meyers
8250.00*john kelly:Team Bonzi Engines/Race Tech/ Alienware
8260.00*85Burner Turner #85
8270.00*88Cody Akers | 2017 DirtShark
8280.00*6Kilien / TSE MOTOSPORT
8290.00*138Trevor Williams RevLimiter
8300.00*12Oscar Eriksson
8310.00*150Logan May | JL Designs
8320.00*61Brandon Newman\privateer
8330.00*501Matt Smith | Privateer |
8340.00*50Riley Palsa
8350.00*259jerome Barrault CLEVER SCHOOL
8360.00*115Joseph G. | Flyin Fishin Racin
8370.00*44Dylan Love | Vertex Husqvarna
8380.00*522Alec Bird
8390.00*599Jake Jaynes | Motochasin/Ronald's Cycle Center #FreeGreg
8400.00*229Logan McNeil/Bloomington Powersports
8410.00*760Jock Maxwell | Privateer
8420.00*22bob kresss
8440.00*92AndreFornander|Biltema BadBoyz
8450.00*728Quentin Durot |Kawasaki Racing Team|
8460.00*184Christian.L | OB KTM
8470.00*566Erwan Leballais | Skouad Creation
8480.00*19Landon Johnson | Voltage
8490.00*27Colby Mason/Donut Kills isis and saves goats
8510.00*6Ian Brauning | Privateer
8520.00*27Andre Santos | MadCape
8530.00*23Oscar Arias
8540.00*508Chris Jason \ ADD Graphics
8550.00*120Cole Vesterby | MotoPro Graphics
8560.00*114Skinny Penis
8570.00*15Kyle Vidovich
8580.00*77Freddie Jackson
8590.00*209Tanel Podra / Yellow Magic Racing
8600.00*43Jake Buonemani
8610.00*110Roy Termaat | MXNL
8620.00*14BrandonEade |DSA RACING|
8630.00*23T. Donaldson | FHR
8640.00*338Kyle Branson
8650.00*975Alex Cox | TBC
8660.00*9Edouard Marques #9 // Privateer
8670.00*821jeffrey wilmart | Mx Riders France
8680.00*815nathan ithier || privateer
8700.00*32FLipeen Eriksson
8720.00*13makez groves
8730.00*64RC | looking for a team
8740.00*47Dillen Watson\Privateer
8760.00*454Joe Motocross
8770.00*582Tigo Peters | road to een krokketje
8790.00*35Rick Wennekes | Privateer
8800.00*78[FRA] NUMBERS 78
8810.00*99Rylan Wright
8820.00*290Matt Nesenger |Tweaked Moto | #290
8830.00*426Nolan Keckley | Privateer
8840.00*246Paul Sandras/Pilote prive/
8850.00*211Matt Clark
8860.00*897Petrus Mutanen | JuppiRacing
8870.00*527MIKE MALO
8880.00*84Joey.Olson\Valve FC
8900.00*94Theo Cavalli | FCrew/Twola
8910.00*22Jordan Crowder | Steezy Racing
8920.00*110James Beston|SKDA
8930.00*512Christian Hentila
8940.00*199Aeron Gibbs | Freddy Owns A % of Me
8950.00*27AJ Vanderelli | Lucas Oil Honda
8960.00*565Blake Revitzer
8970.00*67 Charlie Vidler
8980.00*259Jake Webb
8990.00*754Yaroslav Gundyrev|Yakhnich Motosport|
9000.00*894Gdubs l MXL Racing Yamaha
9010.00*71Hunter Karnz
9040.00*474Leok Merka|SEARCH TEAM
9050.00*bobjeremy gadal
9060.00*303Nick Scholtes
9070.00*674Smidly | Toca Time Racing
9080.00*813Thibaud Bernard
9090.00*80Eduardo Simoes | ITAVI
9110.00*96Evan Pierron | Spirit | #96
9120.00*999Joe Motocross
913-420Tom Lees Jr. | LMR Kawasaki
914-76Danny van Hoof
915-496Romain Seranon
916-144Ryan Lovell
917-142Brandon McCracken |Tryfect Designs #142
918-133Blake Hartley|DPH Husqvarna
919-516Nate Stevens // Morpheus Racing
920-280Frank Jackson | VirokCo.
921-37Chris Angelotti
922-chase bell
923-93Lukas reagan|privateer|
924-137GianCarloHarrison|137|Typical Honda
925-218Reece McBride
926-121Maxime Lassence
927-38Braiden Ehle | Lamborghini Yamaha
928-87Dickens 87 - BlizzardExtreme
929-38Florian Barnel AMATEUR
930-33Dylan Cavaciuti/IG dc_284
932-329Tim | Goon Squad
933-44@maxsanford | MD
934-648Malthe Soerensen|LM Racing
935-44Fallon | JF KTM RACING
936-321Tiago Gomes | Zookateer
937-412Adam Dahlberg Mx4Life
939-202Mark Demitraszek//need team\\
940-165Ben Surry | Architech
941-124Jared Romero | looking for team
942-167sevenans dylan/LOOKING FOR TEAM
943-479Benjamin Carpentier/GB TEAM
945-27Chandler Lord
946-126Mike JONES
947-250Aaron Blackstone
948-480sean kimber
949-306Bradley Clay | SYS Racing Yamaha
950-695Tanner Todd
951-282Connor Austin | MGFX
952-999Joe Motocross
953-265Jacob Ande
954-68Jose Rufete
955-96Dawid Juengling | MXS-Germany
956-127Samuel Lane
957-74Holland Losey | gXy Apparel | WS Designs
958-GAYWoody Gardina | Factory GBR
959-569Marcus Petersen | SDG Design
960-326Jake Cabral
961-27Pedro Licassali #27
962-924Ashton Rakofsky
963-663Jakob Nilsson | SWE
964-110Doug Oakley
966-97Sheepy ! #97
967-Trevin Bender
968-41Lewis Mason
969-991Alexander Nilsson
970-243Steny Lambert | 2L Factory | #243
971-124Jason Gourley
972-423Mike Gillispie
973-129Tyler Ahern
974-1xDaniel Rodriguez|Ox Mototsports|#1x
976-414Taylor Payne | SplitDesignCo.
977-422Drew Sender|Squid Racing
978-150Panos Konopiso #150 honda

* Less than 100 opponents.

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