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Recent Races

7M+1L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd07: Washougal (4 riders)
Emil Houle | AliveTea.Corp set the new track record at 2:39.593
7M+1L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd02: Highpoint (4 riders)
Emil Houle | AliveTea.Corp set the new track record at 2:15.484
7M+1L at Paillart (4 riders)
7M+1L at Chaulnes (4 riders)
7M+1L at Maricourt (4 riders)
7M+1L at Paillart (3 riders)
7M+1L at Chaulnes (4 riders)
7M+1L at Paillart (3 riders)
7M+1L at !STJUST (2 riders)
7M+1L at Crisolles (2 riders)
7M+1L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd03: Southwick (2 riders)
Clementl19lRocket Racing set the new track record at 2:32.937
7M+1L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd03: Southwick (3 riders)
Clementl19lRocket Racing set the new track record at 2:40.140
7M+1L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd02: Highpoint (2 riders)
7M+1L at 2020 rF Gaming National Rd07: Washougal (2 riders)
Clementl19lRocket Racing set the new track record at 2:47.109
12M+1L at Paillart (3 riders)
7M+1L at 2021 Danish Championship Rd. 3 Holstebro (3 riders)
Clementl19lRocket Racing set the new track record at 1:49.453
8M+1L at Millcreek MX 2020 (2 riders)
8M+1L at 2018SezegninMx (2 riders)
8M+1L at 2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 09: Montevarchi (2 riders)
Clementl19lRocket Racing set the new track record at 1:42.695
8M+1L at 2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 09: Montevarchi (2 riders)

Track Records

!STJUST 1:40.125Clementl19lRocket Racing
(JS7 Compound 2015):MX 2:25.125Mael Hermant | EMRT
2014 MXS GP Rd 17: Lierop 2:59.656Clementl19lRocket Racing
2016 Enduropale du Touquet 5:33.234Jacob Ball|401|RocketRacing
2017 MXS Italian Championship Rd 05: Cingoli 2:25.421Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
2017 rF Gaming National Rd02: Glen Helen 3:25.468@411hollywood | Pataky racing
2017 rF Gaming National Rd10: Unadilla 3:02.820clement |TEAM CCAE|#19
2018 European CUP Rd01: Eersel 1:51.976Alexandre Teixeira | 333 | Despe'Racing
2018 European CUP Rd02: Hyvinkaa 2:01.562Kamil Benhayoun | Team Peluche | TTV Kwims_
2018 European CUP Rd03: Veldhoven 1:49.945Clementl19lRocket Racing
2018 European CUP Rd04: Bellpuig 2:04.320Clementl19lRocket Racing
2018 European CUP Rd05: Dorno 2:39.039William Terava | Privateer | #25
2018 Forgotten Raceway - EZDecals 2:09.742Clementl19lRocket Racing
2018 MXSEMF National Rd01: Hangtown 2:27.500Mael Hermant | Zouk Racing
2018 MXSEMF National Rd09: Washougal 2:35.039Alexis Harbonnier
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 01: Fiano Romano 2:08.507Eliess Seguin | Golden Factory
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 02: Faenza 2:10.515Andoni Ezcurra |SemiPrivateer
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 03: Cavallara 2:04.851Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 04: Arsago Seprio 2:38.125morgan hurault|TMT FACTORY|535|FR
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 05: Castellarano 2:29.945clement |TEAM CCAE|#19
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 06: Malpensa 2:06.695Clementl19lRocket Racing
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 07: Maggiora 2:02.312morgan hurault|TMT FACTORY|535|FR
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 08: Asti 2:31.210morgan hurault|TMT FACTORY|535|FR
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 09: Montevarchi 1:42.695Clementl19lRocket Racing
2018 MXS Italian Championship Rd 10: Namur 2:59.359thomas thuillias TMT FACTORY
2018DornoLandMx 2:20.390Noa Houque | EMRT
2018SezegninMx 2:05.398Clementl19lRocket Racing
2019 ACF Enduropale du Touquet 6:36.148Mael Hermant | RawMx
2019 FAMmx Fall Cup - Round 3 - Wicall Field House 1:14.687Vial Pablo|M2B FACTORY
2019 Paal - Belgium 1:36.281Clementl19lRocket Racing
2019 Red Bull Straight Rhythm Replica - Race (Seth Garrett) 1:10.531Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd02: Matterley Basin 2:46.031Clementl19lRocket Racing
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd03: Valkenswaard 1:45.234Steny Lambert | Team L2X
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd06: Kegums 1:40.554Steny Lambert | Team L2X
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd08: Loket 1:58.062Mehdi Kennouda | Team Peluche | #124
2019 rF Gaming GP Rd09: Lommel 2:00.335Kamil Benhayoun | Team Peluche | TTV Kwims_
2019 St.Jude Round 3 - Pomeroy Facility 1:59.117Guillaume Maquignon | MxWorld
2020 Cycle Ranch Mx - Groomed 2:15.359Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
2020 EMF WMS rd04 Teutschenthal 1:46.445Tony Lopez | MxWorld
2020 Hillside MX Training 1:48.765Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
2020 rF Gaming National Rd01: WW Ranch 2:17.453Vial Pablo|MxRF
2020 rF Gaming National Rd02: Highpoint 2:15.484Emil Houle | AliveTea.Corp
2020 rF Gaming National Rd03: Southwick 2:32.937Clementl19lRocket Racing
2020 rF Gaming National Rd07: Washougal 2:39.593Emil Houle | AliveTea.Corp
2020 rF Gaming National Rd08: Unadilla 2:51.765Clementl19lTEAMCCAE
2020 rF Gaming National Rd10: Ironman 2:37.414Clementl19lTEAMCCAE
2020 rF Gaming National Rd11: Fox Raceway 2:49.328Clementl19lRocket Racing
2020 Rival Decal Compound MX 2:41.882Magnus Gregersen|EHM Racing
2020 Rival Decal Compound SX South 1:15.578DIDIER|994|FOX RECRUTE
2021 Cyber Facilities 1:14.734Clementl19lRocket Racing
2021 Danish Championship Rd. 3 Holstebro 1:49.453Clementl19lRocket Racing
2021 ENDUROPALE DU TOUQUET - Dry improved 4:42.460Clementl19lRocket Racing
2021 MXSEMF Supercross by BAC - rd01 Houston 1 0:58.648Emil Houle | Rocket Racing | ttv fluky_111
2021 MXSEMF Supercross by BAC - rd09 Daytona Beach 1:27.023Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
2021 MXSEMF Supercross by BAC - rd14 Atlanta 2 1:45.492Clementl19lRocket Racing
2021 Plomion 1:58.789Clementl19lRocket Racing
AMXindoorcross 0:59.765Clementl19lRocket Racing
BAC: 2019 RVMX Cup 3:41.218clement |TEAM CCAE|#19
Bezuidenhout - Sand MX 2:09.687Clementl19lRocket Racing
BG Hollywood Hills 1:27.929Clementl19lRocket Racing
ButterySmoothMX 2:35.843Kamil Benhayoun | Team Peluche | TTV Kwims_
CDTW: Monster Mountain Classic - presented by TMFR 2:47.906Clementl19lRocket Racing
Chaulnes 2:05.773hugo delzenne | mxworld
Craig Powersports Research Facility 1:39.781Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
Craigs Factory 1:32.140Esteban Minisini | 338 | Despe'Racing
Craigs Factory - Clay SX 1:26.445Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
Craigs Factory - Sand MX 2:33.562Clementl19lRocket Racing
Crisolles 1:44.570hugo delzenne | mxworld
DelbSX 1:08.132Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Elevated Motosports Compound 1:53.843Clementl19lRocket Racing
Enigma Compound 2:13.398Clementl19lRocket Racing
ETR-DiabloMX 2:40.617Clementl19lTEAMCCAE
FAMmx MotoVilla - Motocross Track 2:07.851Eliess Seguin
Firsttrack 1:49.625Emil saxager|EHM Racing
Flatlands MX 1:35.773Clementl19lRocket Racing
Forest Facility 1:56.226Guillaume Maquignon | MXWorld
GreyWynne GP 2:14.382Clementl19lRocket Racing
Haunted Hills 2:05.593Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Herrick's Compound 1:50.875Clementl19lRocket Racing
Holstebro MX 1:58.281Clementl19lRocket Racing
HotDog 2:20.500Esteban Minisini | 338 | Despe'Racing
Isbergues SX 1:01.632Josh Collins | Burbmoto
Jaeckels Spring National 1:46.601Alexis Harbonnier
JGMX: 2017 Wildside Designs MX 1:55.609Guillaume Maquignon
JGMX: Deegan's Compound MX 1:29.179Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
JGMX: European Sand Track 2:20.804Clementl19lTEAMCCAE
JGMX: Glen Helen Amateur Track 2:43.546Corbin Kaehler | Whip Facility
JGMX: Inspiration MX 4:00.515Tom Enard | Rocket Racing |71
JGMX: Milfville 2:59.250Teo Niang | Team Peluche
JGMX: Motoagogo Compound MX 2:03.500Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
JGMX: 2:09.882Jason Mena | REVO
JGSX: 2018 Super Long Supercross Hosted by TavellaBrosRacing 1:49.531Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
JGSX: Bishop 1:10.210Tom Enard | Rocket Racing
KaWorkz: 2017 Trap Land (Big Girl Stella!) 1:28.992Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Lourdzer 1:54.937Clementl19lRocket Racing
Maricourt 1:36.992hugo delzenne | mxworld
MD:Fastlap Designs MX 2:30.328William Terava | Privateer | #25
MD:Fastlap Designs SX 1:36.539Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
MD:FruitParty MX 1:16.804Josh Collins | Burbmoto
MD: Sixteen Designs Test Track 1:42.406ktm561
Millcreek MX 2020 2:02.859Clementl19lRocket Racing
Mintop MX 1:56.335Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
MSC Gaildorf 1:58.320Clementl19lRocket Racing
Mystical Mountain 2:51.992Clementl19lRocket Racing
Paillart 1:49.515Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Paradise_SX 1:26.820Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Perry's Dreamland Motocross 2:23.820Steny Lambert | Team L2X
QDSX: 2021 AMA Supercross rd: 1 Houston Tx 0:59.039Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Racetech Rewind 2:35.945Clementl19lRocket Racing
RandrmSxTestTrack 1:01.007Clementl19lRocket Racing
Red Bull Knock Out 2018 6:35.476Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Red River 1:23.195Guillaume Maquignon | MxWorld
Ribecourt 1:32.031Josh Collins | Burbmoto
rundown sx 2 0:56.382Tom Enard | Rocket Racing
Sand Training Facility 1:44.296Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
Sandy Mine SuperMoto 2:41.726Pierre|737|Rocket Racing
Sim Bros Steeze Facility 2:02.218Esteban Minisini | 338 | Despe'Racing
SpringEdgeMX 2:06.335Clementl19lRocket Racing
SYS Raceway - Original - February 2017 1:30.078Alexis Harbonnier
TCD Hummelo de Heksenplas 2017 Replica 3:07.437Clementl19lRocket Racing
Teillet's SX House 0:57.750Pierre|737|Rocket Racing
TnMx ailly sur noye 1:54.523Clementl19lRocket Racing
TPLF Vosges Cup 2020 Rd 01: Epinal 2:04.796Pierre|737|Rocket Racing
TPLF Vosges Cup 2020 Rd 03: Fontenoy-le-Chateau 2:14.437Clementl19lRocket Racing Compound MX 5:16.257Clementl19lTEAMCCAE
VlastMX: 2018 SmallPound 1:11.390Clementl19lRocket Racing
VlastMX: AF22 Compound 2:12.210Theo PLOMAY / Team chaussette /
VlastMX: Harris Hills 3:02.828Clementl19lRocket Racing
VlastMX: Keesler Invitational 4:07.218Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
VlastMX: Squid Squad Compound Motocross 3:06.156Clementl19lTEAMCCAE
VlastMX: The Moses Ranch 1:50.835Clementl19lRocket Racing
WDMX: Dall MX 2:13.195Jason Mena|183|Rocket Racing
WDMX: MotoSavage Slaygrounds 2018 2:31.234Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
Wells Estate & Kennel - Dry MX 1:58.507Guillaume Maquignon | MXWorld
WoodSide Raceway 2:34.718Clementl19lRocket Racing
ZI-ON CHANAS MX Rd3 2021 2:24.968Clementl19lRocket Racing
ZI-ON CREST MX Rd2 2021 2:05.796Antwane ROCKETRACING 701


1100.00*242Josh Collins | Burbmoto
2100.00*165Taj moore |NDP
3100.00*45landon talsky
4100.00*895kyle johnson
5100.00*74Loris Modard | BBR | TTV/FRANITATV
6100.00*986Julien Privateer
7100.00*827Preston zollers | Eleveted
8100.00*36Nolan Jones | FM Designs | Owner |
9100.00*15Evan Murdock|Go-daddy Racing
10100.00*919loris etienne|HRP5 FACTORY|919
11100.00*27Victor Norlander
12100.00*67Mike Oxlong
13100.00*314Jake Beech | Concept Clothing
14100.00*506cayle hickling|privateer
16100.00*844Gerard Verdu | Mxworld
17100.00*352Adam Sobolik | Goon Wagon Racing| Trump 2020
18100.00*175Jack Diduch
22100.00*77Bryce Curtis | Looking For A Team
23100.00*57mathis/tb racing
24100.00*237Nic Bondad | BP Racing
25100.00*111Leclere Yann|FML Racing
26100.00*322Mads Balzer | Privateer
27100.00*891Marcus Hurtz|MonsterEnergyKtm |
28100.00*278biggie b 278
29100.00*555Gianluca Holder / MONSTER ENERGY FACTORY GAS GAS
30100.00*134Julien Shelby Francois
33100.00*148Cole Hay|148 Racing
34100.00*672Lukas Hakansson | Privateer
35100.00*12Ethan Lenox | HRC Honda
36100.00*806Thomas Derville
3797.73*24Andoni Ezcurra | MxWorld
3988.89*474Magnus Gregersen|EHM Racing
4087.58892Guillaume Maquignon | MXWorld
4186.00*243Steny Lambert | Team L2X
4285.71*491Matis Leffebure
4383.33*119Leo Garofalo| Team BoueBoue | 119
4483.33*910adam machia | privateer
4582.05*309Namur|RT Factory
4681.58*49Tom Pister | Ekip
4780.52*274Mael Hermant | RawMx
4880.2718Hugo Alves | 18 |
5080.00*82Adeline Corbel
5179.62183Jason Mena | REVO
5278.57*411Derek Jones | The Viewing
5378.41521Kamil Benhayoun | Team Peluche |
5577.78*100Joulyan Ory | Devast Junior
5676.92*199Diego De Luise \BFSA 2
5776.09*333Alexandre Teixeira | 333 | Despe'Racing
5876.00*789Kirsch/Bougnateam 121
5975.00*470Theo PLOMAY / Team chaussette /
6075.00*557@enzoms18 - looking for team
6275.00*240Eyvan Sylvestre
6375.00*841Hristo Boyadzhiev | :)
6474.2719Clementl19lRocket Racing
6574.14*21Vinke Swedish | Privateer
6674.07*393Eliess Seguin
6774.07*397Corbin Kaehler | Whip Facility
6873.68*104Tanguy Prost | Devast Land
6973.11620Alexis Harbonnier
7073.02*938Quentin | EMRT
7172.22*329Brusi | BFSA
7271.43*928Noah Burnett|privateer
7369.23*733Romain Olivier|DirtBikeKidz
7469.23*734Jeremy Poupin / DirtBikeKidz
7568.97225William Terava | Search a team | #225
7667.9037Vial Pablo|MxRF
7766.67*169donald carawan | Arizona Decal
7866.67*87marcos collaco \ the farmhouse
8166.67*579Tate Anderson TCL Racing
8266.67*2Paul Riddle
8366.67*486Carson West | Arizona Decal
8466.46199Arti #199
8565.68535Morgan Hurault | HMK Racing Factory |
8664.80123Tony Lopez | IronStar
8764.7118Tom Benoit|B&W RACING
8864.71*194Florian Bertin | Delta
8964.34215Arthur Serre | 215 | Rocket Racing
9063.4624Noa Houque | Privateer
9163.33*144Bobby BigLines | Ryno Power
9263.16*22Aurelien Baillif | Devast Land
9363.16*32Jakob Hellkvist | Burbmoto
9462.69318rudy legeay
9561.76*15jaron I factory goons
9661.73*826ROMAIN COQUARD | RJ Motosport
9760.34651lucas grazian | RJ Motorsport
9860.20*14Loic Bourgarel
10059.84125Erwan Kaiser | 125 | Rocket Racing
10159.79*401Jacob Ball | RocketRacing
10257.35*338Esteban Minisini | 338 | Despe'Racing
10457.14737Pierre|737|Rocket Racing
10555.56*119Kauan Formiguinha | @mxsimskills | Peak Performance
10653.9983Hugo Delzenne | MxWorld
10753.7322thomas thuillias TMT FACTORY
10852.50*3Luke Johnson / Factory goons
10951.82173Clement Potensier | Zouk Racing
11051.60174TheMineur78 | Reaktiv.Co
11150.98*244Alexandre Couderc | 244 | Despe'Racing
11250.00*126Fabien Fabway|B&W Racing
11350.00*938nicolas thomas ~FR~ 938
11450.00*199pc french
11550.00*475Dylan Kelley
11650.00*38Neo Darmon |38| TNG FACTORY
11750.00*4Loman castieau4/ctls RACING
11850.00*420Ryan Miller
11950.00*246Samuel Belin |N.D.L.F Racing
12050.00*305Alistair Dickert | www.conceptsclothing Racing
12150.00*724Noah Rolland |
12250.00*387Harmon Scott | Banzai Racecraft
12350.00*576Kam Goff l KG Koncepts
12450.00*15Jaret Stroup
12550.00*814keven Lessard/ JL Factory
12647.4919clement |TEAM KTM VHR MXS|#19
12747.0621Noa Fornier | privateer
12844.59*135Baptiste De Freitas | Privateer
12943.80991Ismael Camara
13042.86*444Jan Bekkers
13141.67*204Mozart | Burbmoto
13241.18*97Lichter|HMK Racing Factory|#97
13340.85*217David Salas | Rocket Racing | #217
13440.79*587Arthur Valin | Devast Land
13540.58225VINCENT BRD
13640.00*343Trapper Naef | Rebel Designs
13740.00*1Jacob Holgersson | Burbmoto
13840.00*32Baily Tucker |Vile racing
14039.39*315Paul brunet| Mxworld |#315
14139.29*35melvyn caro
14238.95*259barrault jerome
14338.46*96Emil saxager|EHM Racing
14438.29124Mehdi Kennouda | Team Privater
14538.1483Yoann Chenavas
14835.29*330TomWallet | AliveTea.Corp | #330
14934.62*714Jeff Oheix |B&W RACING
15233.33*760Erwan Chaumont | IronStar
15333.33*47evan auge /AliveTea.corp/47
15533.33*81Jackson Versteegen | NDP
15633.33*727luke phillips | TCL Racing
15733.33*119Connor Pilon | FBI Racing
15833.33*607ADOLF HITLER
15933.33*791Daniel christensen | Team Fyn Racing
16033.20111Emil Houle | AliveTea.Corp
16132.61*241Alan|HMK Racing Factory|#241
16232.05202pierre maria|202|B&W RACING
16331.6919Teo Niang | Team Peluche
16430.91*870Arthur G. | Golden Factory | 870
16528.68701Antwane ROCKETRACING 701
16628.57959Axel FERNANDES |MxWorld|
16728.57*74Nils_74 (LFT)
16828.30*78Soufiane Benjaa| Twitch Hmidou782
16926.71246BAPTISTA#246 | M2B FACTORY
17026.09*120maxime perhirin/ HMK Racing Factory
17125.00*20Nathan Gaspard
17225.00*42Nathan Portier | ?????????
17322.22337BASTIEN/TEAM R4E/#337
17421.74*455Brandon Austin| privateer
17520.75*31Thibo Cadron
17820.00*757Michael Wyatt
17919.57*684KOKEN KINS/ HMK Racing Factory
18018.18*5Jambon le Slash de porc el muelte :) | PornHub.Com
18117.65*26Hans Chr Mattson|EHM Racing
18217.39*999Joe Motocross
18316.67*3Poups|Rocket Racing|#3
18413.04*152Benjamin Mailley | Devast Land |
18610.00*72Thomas vincent
1876.67*922Dylan Brard | Devast Land
1890.00*5Vincenti / BFSA
1900.00*48Dan cunt
1910.00*171Dominic Garcia
1920.00*2nicolai skovbjerg|VBM Racing Team
1930.00*34Timote CEULEMANS
1940.00*824Tobias Lethenborg | Team Fyn Racing
1950.00*74karter conwell
1960.00*34moomoo_vibes | JH
1970.00*823ashton kreiger
1980.00*87Nico Stefancik I Factory red bikes
1990.00*898eXiT Supra | Hempire Mx | #898
2000.00*597Rasmus Wikstrom
2010.00*467Rodney Oprisiu|Looking for team
2020.00*763Antony Bontemps
2040.00*198@Arthur_Castilhos/KJA Team
2050.00*241Brady Olson|MXS DESIGN| Co-Owner|
2060.00*138Lucas Becker | Spark Gang
2070.00*926Ryder|PPR racing
2080.00*805Filip Rogowski|TEAM SPEED STAR YAMAHA RACING
2090.00*330tanner330Joe Motocross
2100.00*734jery daman
2110.00*100A-sauce/tb racing
2120.00*204Joe Motocross
2130.00*51Justin Barcia | Troy Lee Designs Red Bull Gas Gas
2140.00*553Kenora | Looking for team
2150.00*229Rasmus Hansson | Privateer
2160.00*717Orlando I 717
2170.00*14Blake Webb
2180.00*512Austin Irwin | Spicewood
2190.00*302Mikkel Enevoldsen
2200.00*23Jesse Butcher
2210.00*15Matt Thompson
2220.00*15Tom Claassen
2230.00*722Kevin Sleng | Kose AMK Racing
2240.00*174Thibault Chiaberto | JCVD
228-999Joe Motocross
229-5Twan | Meyster Racing
230-408Nathan Grelet/#408/BN TEAM
232-272Luca Hornung
234-97Neal The Steal
235-351payson john
236-14RJ Roy
237-221Valentin Van Wayenberghe | VHX Factory Racing
238-177Jannik Blume | BLUME RACING
239-13Lenny Buisan
240-305Henry Bird
241-7Ethan Lomonaco
242-81will camppbell
243-76Sean Smith | YouTube
245-13T. Joy
246-131Temperature Racing | Preston Price #131
247-Dylan Palmer | Privateer
248-14Mitchell Brush @MitchellBrush14
249-999Joe Motocross
250-101Temperature Racing|Dylan Roper #101
251-117GeorgeG |Flo racing
252-125Clement Cogo | AD Decal' |
254-12Discord| thereal_12_#9149
255-40Myles Elliott | Privateer
256-175Austin Long
258-332Conrad wilce
259-138Lasse Juettner #138
260-694Jacob Blackburn | Flo |
261-323Hilmer 323
262-322Patrick Klein Baltink | 2B-One GasGas

* Less than 100 opponents.

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