MX Simulator Track Competition #1

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The Latest News

10/7/2009 - Results posted.

10/6/2009 - The voting is closed. Results will be posted tomorrow.

10/3/2009 - The races are done. You have until October 6, 2009 22:00:00 UTC time to vote. Go here to rate the tracks!.

9/21/2009 - The judging schedule has been posted.

9/19/2009 - The tracks are posted.

7/27/2009 - The competition website is up!

The Judging

To fairly judge the tracks, each track will be put on for one day, with a points race at the end of the day. After all the races are over, there will then be three days to vote. After a day to tally the votes the results will be announced.

The Competition

This is a competition to produce some great outdoor motocross tracks for MX Simulator.

Some tips for your tracks:

Once your track is ready, go here to submit your entry. (Sorry the deadline is now over.)

The Schedule

The Prizes

1st place$100
2nd place$75
3rd place$50
4th place$25

These prizes will be paid via PayPal.